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VMware best practices for virtual networking, starting with vSphere 5, usually recommend the vmxnet3 virtual NIC adapter for all VMs with a “recent” operating systems: starting from NT 6.0 (Vista and Windows Server 2008) for Windows and for Linux that include this driver in the kernel, and for virtual machines version 7 and later.

For those operating systems the choice is normally between the e1000 or the vmxnet3 adapter: the new virtual machine wizard suggest the e1000 for the recent Windows systems, but only because this driver is included in the OSes.

Historically there were some issues both with e1000 and vmxnet3, but now with vSphere 6.0 seems that the vmxnet3 choice can bring some big problems.

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Eric Siebert (from has open again (see the related post of previous year), a contest for voting the Top vBlog 2016, aka the ‘Top VMware & Virtualization Blogs’. This is a recurring and estemeed contest in the VMware & virtualization world and not only (see also the history of the top blog voting over the years).

Last year over 2,200 people voted from all over the world and when the votes were tallied the top 50 bloggers were revealed.

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Interesting European IT events:

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After the TP4, Microsoft has recently released the new Tecnichal Preview both for System Center 2016 and for Windows Server 2016.

What’s new in System Center 2016 Technical Preview 5:

  • Provides advanced software-defined datacenter support, including managing the lifecycle of Nano Server hosts and virtual machines, simplified deployment of the new Windows Server 2016 software-defined networking components, and support for Storage Spaces Direct and replicated storage volumes.
  • Expands the surface area of monitoring and reduces friction for IT Operations with data-driven alert management that reduces noise and enables faster troubleshooting, scheduling of maintenance windows, increased scale in monitoring of UNIX and Linux servers, and streamlined access to management packs.
  • Enables flexible approaches to Windows management, including in-place upgrade and provisioning packages and profiles, support for new Windows 10 features, a new servicing dashboard and improved mobile device and application management capabilities when connected to Microsoft Intune.

To learn more about the release, check out Microsoft Mechanics System Center 2016.

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SwiftStack is a storage company, founded on 2011 and based in San Francisco, CA, build with the idea to create a large scale object storage infrastructure in customer’s own data center (so specific for private cloud).

Is still a small company with 50 employess and more than 60 customers (half in past 3 quarters), but with interesting names and new deployments in life sciences (Counsyl, OMRF)
and media & entertainment (Rockstar Games, Tata Communications).

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Rubrik is a startup that reinvent the backup approach with the idea to eliminate backup software by integrating data protection, instant recovery, and DevOps infrastructure into a single scale-out and converged product!

In the last years they grow really fast from the 4 employees in 2014 to the more than 125 at the beginning of 2016! And from version 1.0 of their product in mid 2015 to the release of Rubrik Converged Data Management 2.0 on August 2015.

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Without the VMware Partner Exchange event, VMware is using the virtual event during the spring to announce new stuff or align customers and partner with its vision.

VMware vForum online spring event has become a recurring event in this period and some interesting announce are done (like the Photon platform last year).

You can attend at the convenience of your desk our half-day virtual conference to gain knowledge, insight, and tools and fulfill your 2016 IT goals and inspire IT innovation within your organization.

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Starting from April 12, 2016,the extended support for SQL Server 2005 ended.

If you are still running SQL Server 2005, you will no longer receive security updates. Upgrade to SQL Server 2014, SQL Server 2016, or Azure SQL Database—and achieve breakthrough performance, maintain security and compliance, and optimize your data platform infrastructure.

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One year ago, FalconStor has announced the FreeStor solution: their foundation for different type of services or user cases or customers needs with a new sales models (by subscription) and full optional.

This solution came from the NSS storage virtualization product combining all the (rich) data services, a new architecture in one platform:

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Cohesity announced its hybrid cloud strategy that empowers customers to leverage the cost efficiency and agility of cloud infrastructure.

Cohesity Hyperconverged secondary storage is a unified, intelligent storage platform designed from day one to integrate seamlessly with public and private cloud services, and enables organizations, but the public cloud integration was still limited also in v2 of its data platform with just an archival tier connected to Google Cloud Storage™, Microsoft Azure and Amazon S3 and OpenStack.

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Some years ago, A3CUBE Inc. has introduced its Fortissimo Foundation building block software solution. Coupled with A3CUBE’s RONNIE Express platform, Fortissimo Foundation provides dramatic improvements in application performance and datacenter efficiency, particularly in unstructured and Big Data environments.

A3CUBE was Founded in May 2012 (from Italian people, still in the company’s board) from the experience of a team with more than 20 years of operating experience in developing and marketing hi-tech enterprise products.

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Also before the EMC acquisition, the Dell’s storage portfolio was already wide with three main families in the “traditional” storage approach (we can say, with centrialized storage): Compellent, EqualLogic and PowerVault.

But also with several hyper-conververged solution, in this from several partnership, with with VMware (for VSAN and EVO:RAIL), Nutanix (for the XC series), but also Microsoft (for Storage Spaces solutions) or Nexenta and other SDS vendors.

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