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The vSphere Client for iPad is an application created by VMware to give a minimum vSphere management ability also from a tablet (at least for some operational management tasks). The first official release was on March 2011.

But this application require a special architecture on infrastructure side, ad well described in one Jason Boche post: there must be a special “proxy” server that convert the output of vCenter Server in a simple way useful to be managed from mobile device. This “proxy” is available from VMware as a virtual appliance and can be downloaded from VMware Labs (vCenter Mobile Access Server).

With the vSphere 5, the new vSphere Web Client can replace this application? The answer is simple: no, because the Web Client is not designed for small screen and also because it’s Adobe Flash based… and the Apple iOS does not support it… Also note that the features available from the vSphere Client for iPad are only a small subset of features available from vSphere Web Client (and they are only a subset of all the features available with vSphere Client).

Same day ago giorno was release on iTunes the new version 1.2 of vSphere Client for iPad that include the following improvements:

  • Support of ESX 3.5
  • Support for vSphere 5.0
  • Migrate virtual machines without downtime using vMotion
    This feature is available via Host & VM action menus.  Virtual machines can also be two-finger flicked/dragged from the Host detail view to enter vMotion mode.
  • Ability to email vMotion validation error details to others
  • View task progress reporting on VM cards
  • Ability to refresh vCenter host list


  • vCMA 1.2, available at VMware Labs
  • iOS version 4.0 or later

See the videos below for an overview on setup and usage:

Step 1: Setup the vCMA
virtual appliance
Step 2: Configure and use the
vSphere Client for iPad

For more information see also the Community page.