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Instead of give a opinion to each session of VMworld Europe 2011, I prefer point the best moments (maybe unique… for sure “priceless”) of this event:

  • VMworld Community TV: as already written, it was a great opportunity to make a day report (in native language) of the event. Thanks again to John Troyer for this opportunity.
  • VMUG.IT vBeer: on Monday evening there was the Italian vBeer with around 40 people… But the best moment was see Re Ferrè and Perilli discuss about cloud and all around it.
  • vExpert Meeting: on the late afternoon of Tuesday there was a meeting between some vExpert… a good opportunity to meet some of the 300 “selected people”.
  • VCDX Breakfast: Wednesday has start with a breakfast with some VCDXs… from VMware there were on few of them (maybe due to sessions and labs)… but was a great moment to discuss about the program, how can be improved, how has improved from the past… and also about some possible news in the VCDX5.
  • VMUG Member Lunch: still on Wednesday , there was a lunch for the VMUG board (and not only for the leaders)… another moment where was possible appreciate the “flat” approach in most discussions… everybody can tell his opinion and all are at same level (at least in this moment). Memorable was when Steve Herrod arrived for meet the people and sit for some time on each table.
  • Paul Maritz Q&A: in the late afternoon of Wednesday, there was a Q&A session between the press (and some bloggers) and the CEO of VMware.
  • Ducati: his part during the last general session was really great.