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The first event day was quite strange, one reason was that I take only the second half of the day (my fly has landed around 12:00), and the second reason was that day has been focused on the partner training. There where four different sessions of “Partner Pre-Conference Training”: one sales oriented, and the others for technical people on EqualLogic FS7500, Equallogic and Compellent.

I’ve choose the NAS track, due to the high confidence level with EqualLogic block stora family and the quite good one on Compellent. But, honestly, was a little low my expectation because was not too much deep and without limited practical demo. The training sessions for customers, instead, where handled really good (has I hear from some of them) and all where with hands-on-lab.

But the evening event for partner, in the hotel hall, was pretty good and a was to meet and know some people. There were really few Italian people (seems that the total number of Italian attendees was around 10), but may the reason was that it was the first Dell Storage event in Europe.