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This a a wish-list of what I would like to hear at the Dell Storage Forum 2012, for future features or roadmap in Dell Storage products:

  • An ASM Linux edition that work with LVM (actually does not exist).
  • An integration between ASM Virtual edition with the ASM Windows edition in order to handle granular restore of files, mail and database in VMs without use a guest iSCSI initiator inside them.
  • More applications supported in Compellent’s ReplyManager (without using scripting).
  • Storage snapshots integration with backup programs, to implement a backup offload procedure (something is actually possible with CommVault, or with scripting).
  • Extent the replication also to other storage of MD3xxx family.
  • RAID across Equallogic member to have a fully redundant group (actually the volume distribution act as a RAID0, wonderful for performance but could be dangerous for resilience).
  • Unified NAS solution for Equallogic and Compellent (and, why not, also the PowerVault MD3xxx serie): the FS7500 and the zNAS have similar approach, but different technologies and interfaces.
  • And for the next year, I hope that that the european edition will not be in the first working week of the year.