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Some days after the recent acquisition of AppAssure, Dell has announced new models of EqualLogic storage and the new generation of PowerEdge servers.

For the EqualLogic the announce was “obvious”: after the new models with 1 Gbps connectivity (PS6100 and PS4100 storages), announced on August 2011, the 10 Gbps models (PS6110 and PS4110) were just the next step. For more information see the post on the The Register and on the Dell Community.

More interesting the announce of the new PowerEdge generarion (a logical move after the HP announce of his new generation): the G12 series has several interesting improvements. One of them is the Fresh Air Initiative, that could change how datacenters are designed for cooling or simple reduce this kind of operational costs.

Another interesting aspects of new PowerEdge is the blade series that seems to be still compatible with the common enclosure (M1000e) build with the G10 series! Also, the new M420 with quarter-size seems really curios and can give really high density.

For more information on the new PowerEdge servers see: