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Something is finally moving with VCAP5 exams: last new was really old and only related on the feedback on blueprint of DCD (and also DCA).

Now a new information is that the beta period of the VCAP5-DCD exam will run from February 13th, 2012 through March 2nd, 2012 (thanks VMware for the larger time window, one of the big issues of beta exams). So I suppose that maybe the final exam will go live on late April.

This beta exam will be available at VMware Partner Exchange 2012 in Las Vegas (February 13-16), but I suppose only to people that have received the beta invitation.

About DCA still no info (but maybe I’ve not received the beta invitation). Also no info about the VCAP-DT (announced one year ago at latest PEX, and still reported as “coming soon”).