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With the release of the new VMware vSphere 5.0 U1 suite, also a new update of VMware View suite is available (but note that the official documentation of View 5.0 just give the compatibility to all vSphere 5.0 and later 5.0 version).

What’s New in View 5.0.1

This maintenance release includes the following components:

  • VMware View Connection Server 5.0.1, which also includes replica server, security server, and View Transfer Server
  • VMware View Agent 5.0.1
  • VMware View Client for Windows 5.0.1

VMware View 5.0.1 includes the following new features:

  • New bundled Mac OS X client – The new PCoIP-enabled View Client for Mac OS X is now bundled with this release. For more information, see the VMware View Client for Mac OS X Release Notes.
  • Client SSL requirement– View Client for Windows 5.0.1, View Client 1.4 for Mac OS X, and the other View 1.4 clients require SSL for connections to View Connection Server. Therefore, you must enter a fully qualified domain name for View Connection Server, rather than an IP address, in the View Server field of View Client.By default, View Client then checks the server certificate that View Connection Server presents. For more information, see the topics about configuring certificate checking in the VMware View Installation document and in the Using VMware View Client documents for the various platforms of View Client.

Note that still the Local Mode for VM with virtual hardware 8 is not supported (and in this case mean that “does not work”). Rumors say that will implemented in the new major release.

VMware View 5.0.1 is a maintenance release that resolves some known issues in the previous releases. For details, see the Resolved Issues section. For more info see the VMware View 5.0.1 Release Notes. To get the binaries go to the download page.