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Rumors were from some months ago, but today Quest announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by Dell. Dell will buying Quest for $2.4 Billion.

Until now, Quest acquisitions were already a big number of players, including:

Curious that Dell list only (for example) this advantages in the acquisition:

  • The Quest One Identity and Access Management solution family adds to Dell’s very strong set of security assets with SonicWALL and Secureworks, creating a comprehensive set of security solutions to address important customer needs.
  • Quest’s Performance Monitoring solutions for applications, networks and databases address a rapidly growing need for our customers. Industry analysts have consistently ranked Quest Foglight as a leading application performance monitoring solution. Businesses of all sizes are looking to reduce their IT complexity and automate workloads for their IT departments. Customers worldwide leverage Foglight to continually monitor their IT environments, proactively identifying and remedying performance issues before they become bigger problems.
  • Quest’s Windows Server Management solutions complement Dell Services’ rapidly growing application modernization practice with recently acquired Clerity Solutions and Make Technologies.
  • Effective database management is critical to the successful operation of most organizations. Quest’s Database Management capabilities offer a strong complement to Dell’s enterprise offering. Today, millions of DBAs, developers, and analysts around the world rely on Quest’s database management tools to simplify their work.

Vizioncore and VKernel products are not included in this example list (apart Foglight), but does it mean that the could become a spin-off, that there are different integration plans or simple that they are considered, but not mentioned.

Now the big challenge will also be to integrate and normalize the 228 separate software products with different languages, frameworks, infrastructure, … This will require a lot of time and also some choices: for example vRanger and AppAssure are two different backup product, one for virtual enviroment and agentless, the second system and image oriented… they could become a single product? Probably not, because are too different, but could be integrated (for example vRanger could become a “virtual agent” for AppAssure) or use common set of tools and products (for example the DR4000 appliance).

For the official announces see: