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Now that the VMworld US 2012 is over, I can can summarize what I’ve liked and what not in this big event.

The best moments and aspects where:

  • Networking with other people is (IMHO) the main reason to attend at this kind of event. Was a pleasure and an honor know new people and see again old friends.
  • VMware Office of the CTO event: great event with a lot of great people.
  • HoL Backstage: amazing and really interesting know how are made the HoL and also find how products are fit together (nice see that the monitoring part is mainly based on vCenter Operation Manager).
  • VCDX Appreciation Cocktail Party: lot of VCDX that I’ve never met before and a cool place.
  • VMUG Lunch: with an award to our Italian VMUG Leader! (see the picture)
  • VMTN Moderators Breakfast
  • vExpert Meeting with the two CEO and also the CTO of VMware
  • Keynotes (especially the second one) and follow them as press, with also a Press Kit!
  • San Francisco itself!

Not so bad, but also not so good:

  • Jon Bon Jovi performance: too much cover and too few historical songs.
  • Location: Maybe too big and too much shift between the campus. And some places were not well signed in the map (like the certification or the partner lounge)
  • Information: as written before, some (but just few) were not well described
  • Sessions: some where very good, other maybe not so technical as the usual level in the European edition

Worst moments and aspects:

  • Hotels where quite expensive at San Francisco!
  • The food wasn’t not comparable with the European editions: always cold food, few options (more limited for vegetarian/vegan/…)