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Cloud Cred is a “game” build by VMware (here the description page) to build your cloud expertise, broadening your professional network and earning rewards and certifications based on your Cloud Cred score. The idea was introduced at VMworld 2012, during the vExpert briefing, and now is running live on the web site.

Not clear if there are other purpose (like build a “klout” score for each people), but actually too much focus on itself (for example only few relation with VMTN Community or VMware certifications, …). Also how points are assigned could be more simple and linear: for example VMworld/PEX attendees could be automatic, if you add your Twitter handle the task could be closed automatically, … And some big points are missing (or are out of the scope of this game): VMworld Alumni, VCDX or VCAP certifications, …. For other comments see also this post.

Anyway… if you want to play and you are Italian (or Italian fan) you could join the VMUG.IT group. Those are some members (also part of the real VMUG.IT board):

My progress con CloudCred: