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I’ve already talk about Cloud Credibility in a previous post.

The idea is to create a “cloud expertise” or rather plan a growth path, using a scoring mechanism (Cloud Cred score) and awards. Although the principle and the purpose can been correct, there are some doubts about the actual utility.

But before we see at least the positive aspects … Surely it is a way to try to go deepen on some arguments, discover some useful resources, … potential (without the “pressure” of premiums) has some learning and growth functions and purpose.

But mostly it is a powerful social tool, maybe not so powerful as the existing social networks (with which, however, is integrated in many tasks) but still interesting. The ability to create team, albeit with limits on the number of people (and also the limit of be part only to a team) is valid and also allows you to meet new people or to associate name (or twitter handle) to faces. For example this is a picture of some VMUG.IT team members, realized during the last User Conference:

CloudCred Team

From left to right: Giuseppe Guglielmetti, Alessandro Lombardi, Andrea Mauro, Lino Telera e Francesco Bonetti.

About the doubts, they are mainly related to the type of activity (or skill) required in some tasks, in many cases, more narcissists (why do I have a picture of me to show that I had a speach?) Or just be experts on building screenshots.

Scores also sometimes seem a bit ‘random and what is worrying is the lack of control (for example, there are some tasks that are not possible to be completed yet, but there are people who already completed them). In addition there is the improper use of the badge in my vExpert which creates confusion with the vExpert program itself. And also is not clear how rewards are selected and assigned (exept the grand prize that is only for the first).

Without counting the time and the duration of the “game”, in my opinion, disproportionate of the game (until July?) That potentially takes time for people (which for example could be spent in the community or in other VMware or simply to focus on more content in their blogs).

Anyway, if you want to follow my progress in this game (and note also that there are some available place in our team):

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