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I’ve already introduced what is CloudCred and put some considerations and some doubts on its credibility and value.

As each game is great when it’s short (here we talk about more than 3 months), but especially if is played according to certain rules, which do not always seem to be present (or at least not always applied).

The bad thing is that there are some people that are simple cheating, by proving how they are fast with the web form, rather than how they understand from the tasks. First attempts were obvious and were locked, but now seems that people are going more smart on it.

But i’ts really so difficult to apply some controls? Like a limit to how many tasks you can do per day or hour? There are some guys that review dozens of whitepapers or videos in a couple of minutes … maybe could be possible (they have read or seen before)… but a reasonable doubt arises spontaneously. It would be enough to introduce in these cases some kind of closed questions and give negative points on errors.
And there are also some obvious tasks where somebody is cheating. Like:

  • Task 352: Earn your VMware Certified Design Expert – Cloud (VCDX-Cloud) Certification


  • Task 236: Get featured as a blogger on VMUG Voice

Why don’t add fake tasks (or task that could not be completed yet) and use them to track “bad” guys?

To be honest CloudCred admins seems to be react (and usually also fast) on those issues, but maybe some built-in controls could help, make the game more fair and give a better experience.