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CommVault Simpana is a single platform and unifying code base for integrated data and information management. I’ve wrote a post related to their announces during the past Virtualization Field Day (#VDF3).

The most relevant aspect compared to other products is that this is NOT only a backup program, but can handle different functions. All functions share the same DNA and back-end technologies to deliver the unparalleled advantages and benefits of a truly holistic approach to protecting, managing and accessing data.


Actually there are two ways to buy Simpana:

  • Singular software platform (on one or more servers), licensed by capacity.
  • Using the new solution sets, specialized for different users cases:
    • Simpana for VM Backup, Recovery & Cloud Management (licensed per VM or socket)
    • Simpana IntelliSnap®Recovery Solution (licensed by capacity)
    • Simpana for Endpoint Data Protection (licensed per user)
    • Simpana Email Archive & Compliance Solution (licensed per mailbox)

Actually most of the interesting announces are on the Simpana for VM Backup, Recovery & Cloud Management part, making it more similar (in functions and features) than other products specific for the virtualization world.

  • Simplify management with “out of the box” integration across VMware, Hyper-V, Azure & AWS for DR and Test/Dev operations
  • Reduce costs and downtime with flexible automation to balance recovery and retention needs across any VM
  • Unlock value from your virtualization platform by automatically archiving stale VM’s to optimize resources
  • Live Sync – Block based capture. Replay changed blocks on secondary from DASH copies
  • Live “Restore” – Near Instant Access to VM while svm Image copies into production in the background
  • Live Mount – Power Up VMs Image directly from Snaps/Backup copies
  • Live File Restore – Granular File Restore from Snaps, Backups or VM archives

Instant VM recovery is not so new (at least not for other products), but some other features are quite interesting, particularly those related to the cloud management solution.

One unique function of Simpana for VM Backup, Recovery & Cloud Management will make your virtual infrastructure more efficient. It can automatically identifying idle or stale VMs, it’ll help you reclaim wasted CPU, memory, networking and storage resources with policy-based VM archiving. And combined to the Live Mount features, this make something similar than the Simpana Email Archive Solution: combining backup and archiving to make the environment more efficient, but mantaining still the access to the resources.

Could be interesting see if, in a feature, will be possible use the multi-hypervisor and multi-cloud management to move unsused (or with a limited usage) workload to the right environment (for example according with cost and availability requirements).


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