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Login VSI is a well know company in the VDI and End User Computing are, due to its Login VSI product: the flagship product (sold for the past 2 years) for sizing, scaling, capacity planning, change impact on performance. But also a standard for benchmark those kind of environments. I’ve already wrote about the new 4.1 release.

But is not the only product, there are also:

  • Login VUM (new product out in limited beta): for continuous proactive monitoring of end user experience in production environments.
  • Login Automation Machine (currently part of Login Consultants as Automation Machine, will be moved to Login VSI before the end of 2014): for automate and manage the end user experience.

Those products fits in different area and different scopes:


Login VUM will be a new product design to report desktop SLA in real time and transparent insight into use experience performance, availability and functionality of the desktop in complex environments.

It works using a virtual user that logs in the existing environment and starts launching applications and recording response times. If application times are below acceptable thresholds, alerts are generated.

This could become the complimentary part of Login VSI: with Login VSI you can measure when you need, but mainly you can size and design your enviroment (or changes impact). With Login VUM you can monitor the SLA of your services. And could become really interesting in monitoring Desktop as a Service cases to verify if SLA are acceptable, both in case if you are the provider or the consumer of this services.

Login VUM is actually in beta (go on the beta web site) and the target is before close of 2015.


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