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So not only the new releases of some VMware products have been announced… but also new certifications, new levels and new paths.

The VMware certification roadmap announced at VMworld 2012 was almost clear and related to the tecnologies used (and owned by VMware) at that time. But, except the moving of the developer certification to the Pivotal initiative, the paths have been the same until now (with the new entry of Network Virtualization) and the new VCA level.

But now the VMware certification roadmap for 2015 sound little different from the previous one.

First to all there is no more the VCAP level and has been replaced by the VCIX level (with a single exam). This actually is not a big surprise… with the new Network Virtualization path there was already a VCIX exam instead of two different VCAP exams. Also the VCAP level has not been (from my point of view) recognized so well like the VCP or the VCDX.


But note that it’s not necessary a single exam like was in VMware Certified Implementation Expert — Network Virtualization (VCIX-NV).

According with VMware, VCIX focuses on multi-faceted implementation roles and includes both advanced Administration and Design skills. VCIX replaces the current VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP) level and provides more thorough validation of a candidate’s skills and knowledge. Additional changes include:

  • VCIX certification is comprised of two separate exams – one focused on Administration and one focused on Design
  • The VCIX Design exam will be available at more PearsonVue testing locations
  • VCIX Design exams have been shortened from 4 to 2 hours. The decreased time does not reflect ease of the exam, but is the result of the exam focusing on new topics only and does not include those covered by prior exams
  • Elite status for candidates who complete multiple VCIX certifications

Certification requirements: VCP Certification + VCIX Design exam + VCIX Administration exam.

The second change is about the different paths:


Network Virtualization remain the same (of course). Also the datacenter virtualization remain mainly the same (except the VCIX level), of course update to vSphere 6.

The cloud path, now become Cloud Management and Automation (same name of two VMware partner competencies), so a new bunch of VC*-CMA certifications and exams. It’s funny that actually exist a VCP6-Cloud (different from the previous VCP-Cloud because now it’s focused on VCAC instead of vCloud Director)… it’s not clear if it will become the VCP6-CMA certification?! And it’s not clear what will happen to current VCAP or VCDX-Cloud.

Note also that two of the exams that qualify candidates to earn VCP5-Cloud certification (exam codes VCPC510 and VCPVCD510) will be retiring as of March 30, 2015. If you wish to earn the VCP-Cloud certification after March 30, you will need to pass the vCloud Automation Center 5.2 and vCloud Director 5.5 based exam (exam Code VCPC550). Another path you could take is to pursue the new VCP6-Cloud certification.

The desktop path, now become Desktop & Mobility (-DTM) with again all new VC*-DTM certifications and exams. Considering that exist a VCP6-DT certification probably this will become the VCP6-DTM (but what about the missing Mobile part?).

And big surprise, also the VCP will change: the new VCP certifications have been designed to support and validate the knowledge and skills IT professionals must have to successfully administer integrated virtualization solutions in complex environments. Those who currently hold VCP Certification will have the option to migrate to the new version through a streamlined upgrade path. Additional enhancements include:

  • An online Foundation exam that covers the basics of virtualization and combines with elective exam to validate skills in a specific solution track
  • More classes, including advanced courses, will be offered that meet the ‘qualifying course’ required for certification
  • Elite status for candidates who complete multiple certifications at this level

Certification requirements: Qualifying course + Foundation exam + Solution track exam.

No official info are available now for the upgrade path, the cost of the exams, if the on-line exam (although seems that VCIX will cost the same as VCAP today!) will have a fee and so on. Considering that the number of exams is increased (and the number of certifications are been decreased), I hope that exams will now cost less, but it’s not implicit.

Anyway, just stay tuned on future news and more detail on each certification. And if you want to prepare your self for the new DCV certifications, there are already some new courses on vSphere 6.0.

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