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With the new major version of most VMware products (the last was vSphere 6.0) there are, of course, new version of the main certifications (that mean also new exams). As written this was not the only change, because also some name has been changed (including the VCAP exams that now become VCIX). The VCP itself has been changed a lot, not only for the re-certification policy, but recently also the two different exams: a core one and one specific on each technology (for each path).

Finally VMware announce also the migration paths from v5 certification to v6, in order to simplify the transition of who is already certified.

  • Upgrading from VCP5 to VCP6: Only one exam is required. There is no course attendance required (but it is recommended). No info yet if there is a deadline (like in previous cases).
    • There will be five VCP6 migration options across the four technology tracks: Data Center Virtualization (DCV), Desktop and Mobility (DTM), Cloud Management and Automation (CMA), and Network Virtulization (NV):
      • VCP6: Data Center Virtualization Exam (exam number: 2V0-621) – Beta Coming Soon!
      • VCP6: Data Center Virtualization Delta Exam (exam number: 2V0-621D) – Beta Coming Soon!
      • VCP6: Desktop & Mobility Exam (exam number: 2V0-651) – Coming Soon!
      • VCP6: Cloud Management and Automation Exam (exam number: 2V0-631) – Coming Soon!
      • VCP6: Network Virtualization Exam (exam number: 2V0-641) – Coming Soon!
  • If you hold one of the following v6 certifications you will be automatically migrated to the equivalent new VCP6 certification:
    • VCP6-Cloud = VCP6-Cloud Management and Automation
    • VCP6-Desktop = VCP6-Desktop and Mobility
    • VCP-Network Virtualization = VCP6–Network Virtualization
  • Upgrading to VCIX6: For anyone certified as a VCAP5 one exam is required. There is no course attendance required (but it is recommended).VMware-Certification
    • We are still working on the VCIX6 exams, so some of the details are pending, but I can provide you with this information:
      • If you hold either a VCAP Administration or Design certification, you will be given credit towards the corresponding VCIX6 requirement for that track, so you only need to take the other VCIX6 exam (the one that you have not earned). For instance, if you have a VCAP5-DCA then you would only need to take the VCIX6 Data Center Design exam to earn your VCIX6-DCV.
      • If you hold both VCAP Design and VCAP Admin certifications for a certification track you can take either the VCIX6 Design exam or the VCIX6 Admin exam in order to upgrade to the new VCIX6 credential for your technology track (this policy was updated based upon your feedback below – thank you!).
      • If you hold a VCIX-NV certification you will be automatically migrated to VCIX6-NV.
  • Upgrading to VCDX6: If you hold a VCDX5, you will only need to take the VCIX6 Design exam in the corresponding solution track. So it really remain just the same. Also here there are no info about possible deadline for the upgrade.

Note that all new DCV exams are not yet available… if you need to renew the VCP, there is still a special an simplified exam. For more information see also: Short Extension For VCP Recertification Deadline (and a Reward for Those Who Met the Original Deadline).


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