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The 2014 spring (EMEA) edition of E2EVC is now over and it’s time to archive it and take some considerations.

E2EVCE2EVC Virtualization Conference is an independent, non-commercial, virtualization community event build from experts to experts.

This edition was from Fri 12 to Sun 14th June 2015 in in Novotel Berlin Mitte Hotel, Fischerinsel 12, 10179, Berlin, Germany.

This was my third E2EVC event (I’ve attend at the E2EVC XX Rome and E2EVC 2014 Brussels) and I can confirm the reason to attend at this kind of event (see E2EVC 2014 Brussels: Why attend).

As usually the contents and the speakers of this event: lot of topics, good speakers and good contents. All session are technical (some quite deep, like the one on reverse engineering) and also the vendor sessions (this kind of event is payied both with sponsors and also with an event fee) where really interesting and sometimes funny.

The agenda was prety rich:


Room 1
10.00 – 10.30
Welcome Note by Alex Juschin, Microsoft MVP, Citrix CTP, VMware vExpert 
10.30 – 11.00
Topic: All things new and cool from ControlUp – a must-see for Virtualization Experts
Short description: A traditional conference kick-off with our best and newest of features for monitoring and management of XenApp, XenDesktop, View, RDS, and more. Newly unveiled functionality and geek fun guaranteed.
Presenter: Eugene Kalayev, ControlUp
11.00-11.10 Break
Session Topic: Key news from Citrix Synergy 2015!
Short description: Learn all the latest, most important news from Citrix Synergy 2015 Orlando
Presenter: Michael Glover, Citrix and couple of Citrix CTP’s
12.00-12.10 Break
12.10-12.50 Session Topic: What’s new in Hyper-V in Windows Server 2016
Short description: Update on what is coming in Windows Server 2016
Presenter: Aidan Finn, Microsoft MVP and Benedict Berger, Microsoft MVP
12.50-13.00 Break
Topic: The next evolution of Nutanix and what it means to you
Short description: Nutanix opens the doors on its first global user conference in June 2015, just days before we meet in Berlin.  In this session you’ll see the new announcements first hand along with live demos of the new products.  Nutanix is ushering in the next phase of the company and you will be the first people to see it in EMEA (or at least in a hotel in Berlin!)
Presenter: David Gaunt, Nutanix Superninja
Sandwich lunch
, group picture
14.10 – 14.40
Session Topic: The mighty UeberAgent!
Short description: 
Presenter: Helge Klein, Citrix CTP, Microsoft MVP, VMware vExpert
14.40 – 14.50 Break
14.50-15.25 Session Topic: The Next Generation of User Environment Management
Short description: 
Presenter: Gary McAllister
15.25 – 15.35 Break
15.35 – 16.05
Topic: How to efficiently manage all your Cloud Products
Short description: Onboarding a new IT consultant has never been so easy, HR will be able to create a user account, deliver the full Office 365 functionality and see if the IT guy is billable at all in their own HR database.
IT Store will be used to synchronize information using an ODBC connection to an online HR database, RES Automation Manager will create an User Account in local Active Directory by using the synchronized information. ADFS will be used to create the Azure Active Directory user account and Office 365 configuration.
The end-user will then receive the login information over a Text Message / E-mail / Tweet. Again the IT Store is the central location from where PowerShell scripts are triggered to order Azure VM’s and SQL queries are used to order devices.
As soon as the consultant has made enough mistakes, HR is able to fire the guy and all services will be returned.
The involved IT partner who has built the IT Store services will be able to re-use the services at any other customer by using Building Blocks.
Presenter: Dennis van de Peppel and Dennis van Dam
16.05 – 16.15 Break
Session Topic: Why would you choose RDS over VDI – a Microsoft, Citrix and VMware solution overview
Short description: With different companies offering a similar solution it might be hard to choose one right for ou. Visit this session to learn about what do the above mentioned companies offer and how those products compare with each other.
Presenter:  Sinisa Sokolic and Benny Tritsch, Microsoft MVP, Citrix CTP and VMware vExpert
16.55-17.05 Break
17.05-17.35 Session Topic: SMB Direct, RDMA & DCB … the secret decode ring
Short description: 
Presenter: Didier Van Hoye, Microsoft MVP
17.35 – 17.45 Break
17.45 – 18.15
Session Topic: VMware EUC – overview on whats new with VMware, Horizon
Short description: All the updates on VMware products as well as VMware Horizon update.
Presenter: Shawn Bass, ex Citrix CTP, ex Microsoft MVP, now VMware
18.15 – 18.45 Session Topic: SMS Passcode – introducing our new, revolutionary product!
Short description: Forget SMS authentication, forget keyfob’s, forget one time passwords, forget everything! You are the authentication!
Presenter: David Hald, the man who always covers the beers
18.45 – 21.00 EXPOSponsored beers

Sponsored Networking night


Room 1 Room 2
10.00 – 10.40
Topic: Server Automation with Open Source tools
Short description: This presentation will introduce some of the well known Open Source deployment tools like Puppet and The Foreman for Server Automation and will explain how these tools can help with Windows Server deployments as well.
Presenter:  Hendricus Kramer & Esther Barthel, Citrix CTP

Topic: Microsoft Cloud Platform Stack Overview
Short description: In this session you’ll get an overview of Microsoft private Cloud Platform stack, the products and technologies involved for enabling service providers and enterprise organizations as compelling private Cloud providers.
Presenter: Michael Rüefli, Microsoft MVP and Thomas Maurer, Microsoft MVP
10.40 – 10.50 Break
10.50 – 11.30
Topic: How to manage all your remote systems in one place – cross-platform!
Short description: This session will be about managing remote systems in your infrastructure. In todays data centers and clouds, the biggest challenge is to keep track of all systems and manage them. RDP, Hyper-V, VNC, Terminal (SSH, Telnet, etc.) as well as web based management tools are mostly used to manage those systems. Our session will be focusing on the toolset and how to organize and manage your systems for yourself or your team on multiple platforms. No PowerPoint, only demos, demos, demos.
Presenter:  Stefan Koell, Microsoft MVP

Session Topic: Large scale load testing in Citrix environments
Short description: 
Presenter:  Samuel Legrand
11.30 – 11.45 Break
11.45 – 12.25 Session Topic: NVIDIA – Technology Deep Dive
Short description: Deep dive into all things GPU from NVIDIA, all things GPU Passtrough etc.
Presenter:  Erik Bohnhorst, NVidia

Session Topic: “Storage made for Hyper-V” Microsoft Scale-Out Fileserver today and in the future
Short description: Microsoft’s Hyper-V has since Windows Server 2012 the option to use a fileserver as a reliable storage for its Virtual Disks using SMB3. With Windows Server 2016 Microsoft will bring new exiting features to the table. Learn in this session what’s possible with Windows Server 2012 R2 and the new Windows Server and why you should consider the use of these exiting technologies.
Presenter:  Carsten Rachfahl, Microsoft MVP
12.25 – 12.35 Break
12.35 – 13.15 Session Topic: The data protection 3-2-1 rule and the cloud…
Short description: The cloud, the cloud, the cloud… We have heard that word more than enough by now. Economics of scale, pay as you go, from capex to opex… It all sounds nice, but what can you really do with the cloud today when it comes to data protection? What holds the future? And what are the pitfalls, advantages and best practices today in using the cloud as a backup repository…
Presenter: Mike Resseler, EMEA Microsoft Evangelist, Microsoft MVP

Session Topic: Microsoft Azure RemoteApp Benchmarking Results
Short description: 
Presenter:  Benny Tritsch, Microsoft MVP, Citrix CTP and VMware vExpert
13.15 – 13.40 Sandwich lunch / Coffee Break 
NEXT EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT – Get your next event ticket and perhaps win a prize!
By Alex Juschin, Event Organiser
13.40 – 14.20 Session Topic: FMA Internals: Power Management
Short description: Join Bas van Kaam and Mick “XDtipster” Glover as they discuss in detail. Some of the finer points and advanced configurations of the FMAs Power Management feature. 
Presenter:  Bas van Kaam, Community Superstar & Michael Glover, Citrix
Session Topic: Microsoft Windows Server 2016  – an overview of the feature and new exciting capabilities
Short description: 
Presenter:  Thomas Maurer, Microsoft MVP
14.20 – 14.30 Break
14.30 – 15.10
Session Topic: Monitoring XenMobile Infrastructure and its components
Short description: 
Presenter:  Carsten Bruns and Jens Trendelkamp
Session Topic: “Right-sized and on budget: Techniques to keep your private cloud healthy and guarantee availability”
Short description: 
Presenter: Justin Boerrigter
15.10 – 15.25 Break
15.25 – 16.05
Topic: How to efficiently manage all your Cloud Products; Under the hood, Part Deux
Short description: Started on Friday we will will explain and show the technical part
Presenter: Dennis van de Peppel and Dennis van Dam 

Topic: Bored to need tons of consoles to manage different Hypervisors, App publishing or Citrix and RDS builds? We too!
Short description: One tool to rule them all (Hyper-V, VMware, Azure, XenServer, CloutPlatform, XenApp, Microsoft RDS, XenDesktop),
one tool to find all your daily tasks, one tool to bring them all together.
Extend it as you like with your own PowerShell scripts and ideas. Small, flexible and file based.
Free version of Hydra for all attending the session!
Presenter: Christian Troll and Markus Zierer
16.05 – 16.15 Break
16.15 – 17.00

Session Topic: The Hyper-V Amigos – Demo Extravaganza
Short description: Come and watch the two Hyper-V Amigos Didier and Carsten from demoing cool Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V related things.
Presenter:  Carsten Rachfahl, Microsoft MVP and Didier van Hoye, Microsoft MVP

Session Topic: Webscale RDS/XenDesktop with Desired State Configuration
Short description: 
Presenter:  Iain Brighton
17.00 – 17.15 Break
17.15 – 18.00
Session Topic: Selecting a monitoring product for SBC/VDI infrastructures (including real life experiences)
Short description: In this session Wilco van Bragt will do a walkthrough of the process selecting a monitor solution for a SBC/VDI infrastructure based on real-life experiences. Besides the steps of the selection process Wilco will also discuss the key features and his opinion of monitor products which made it through the process: Goliath IT Monitor, EG Innovations, Aternity and UberAgent. If you are supplier you should visit this presentation to know what can be improved to get your product on the shortlist of product selections.
Presenter:  Wilco van Bragt, Microsoft MVP, Citrix CTP
Session Topic: Dissecting the XenApp/XenDesktop Logon Process
Short description:
Presenter:  Helge Klein, Citrix CTP, VMware vExpert
18.00 – 18.30 Session Topic: ASK (Application Shopping Kart)
Short description: Application publishing via Citrix products is available for almost two decads. Wide industry acceptance of this technology is commonly focused on application provisioning and delivery to the end user, while application self-service and de-provisioning is usually overlooked, causing unnecessary administrative burden, poor performance and degraded user experience. This presentation will look into the life cycle of published applications and demonstrate self-service capabilities, when end users can request published applications through multi-stage capable approval along with built-in per user expiration. Charge back capabilities, integration with Citrix StoreFront will be discussed. Presentation can be also of interest to developers and administrators that would like to know how to use Citrix SDKs with Citrix receiver and StoreFront.
Presenter:  Alex Danilychev
Session Topic: Anatomy of an IAM project
Short description: So you want to kick off or manage an Identity Access Management project, pulling user info from a source, creating things in the production environment and provide services to the users and managers? Great, but you better come prepared as IAM projects are a completely different animal than what we usually deal with in IT. In this session you will gain valuable experience from the real world, as what snafu’s, pitfalls and potential issues you can run into.UPDATE Friday June 12th : Courtesy of my friend and mentor Bob Janssen @ RESsoftware, I’m able to present to you an E2EVC exclusive preview of the RES IT Store 2015. This is pre-pressrelease NDA material that I’ve been cleared to show, thus you’ll be some of the first on the planet to see this.
Presenter: Max Ranzau @
Berlin City Sightseeing on a Tour Bus – the Bus will be outside the Event Hotel and will depart 19.00 sharp.


Room 1 Room 2
 10.00 – 10.40
Session Topic: Deploy Citrix XenApp in 15min with Chocolatey & Boxstarter
Short description: No more SCCM and equivalents 
– Repeatable deployments
– Dependency management
– Works for servers and desktops
– Apps & Infrastructure self service 
– A system-level package management tool, somewhat like “apt-get”, but with Windows in mind
– Repeatable, reboot-resilient, remote, windows environment installations
Presenter: Romain Gros 
Session Topic: Hyper-V Security best practices
Short description:
Presenter: Ahmed Nabil, Microsoft MVP
 10.40 – 10.50 Break
 10.50 – 11.30 Session Topic: Documenting XenApp/XenDesktop 7.x with PowerShell
Short description: Granddad Webster discusses the newest documentation script released to the community.
Presenter: Carl Webster, Citrix CTP and E2EVC Granfather

Session Topic: Finding undocumented reg keys, reversing .net applications and exposing hidden functions
Short description:
Presenter: Andrew Morgan, Citrix CTP, VMware vExpert and Remko Weijnen, Citrix CTP 
 11.30 – 11.40 Break
 11.40 – 12.20
Topic: Why I am a fan of PowerShell Desired State Configuration and you should be as well
Short description: In PowerShell 4, Jeffrey Snover brought us Desired State Configuration (DSC) – the next level of automation. Instead of writing code to configure a certain service role, describe the outcome you want to achieve. I will provide only a short introduction to DSC and then quickly move on to tell you about the lessons I have learned.
Presenter: Nicholas Dille, Microsoft MVP

Topic: Atlantis USX, the lazy way
Short description: Jim and Remko, both known to be very lazy, take you through deploying a complete environment with the least effort possible. Complete as in really complete: not only the hyperfast storage but also the Citrix Stack.
We’ll talk about Citrix Lifecycle Management, a new Atlantis PowerShell module and our REST API.No marketing bullshit in this session (actually we’ll have one slide on HyperScale because they forced us)
Presenter: Jim Moyle (Citrix CTP), Remko Weijnen (Citrix CTP)
12.20 – 12.30 Break
12.30 – 13.10 Session Topic: “vSphere 6 Architecture Overview – What You Need to Know in the Field.
Short description: An overview of VMware latest product from someone who does installations and plan VMware vSphere deploments every day.
Presenter: Sasa Masic, Dataport and Andrea Mauro, vExpert
Session Topic: VDM (Virtual Display Manager)
Short description: Multi-monitor setup for local or remote sessions is indispensable when working with either large number of windows or addressing limitations in resolution of individual monitors. Ultra high resolutions of 4K and UHD monitors create a different challenge – traditional applications might not play well at such high pixel count. At the same time number of monitors can be limited by hardware or intrinsic 16-monitor limit imposed by Windows. This is where VDM comes in by offering up to 16 virtual displays per physical monitor that can be dynamically configured for the task at hand. Useful not only for those that are limited with their current multi-monitor setup, but for high resolution laptop users as well.
Presenter:  Alex Danilychev
13.10 – 16.00
Citrix Geek Speak with Perrine Crampton
 in direct transmission from California!
Sponsored Pizzas & Beer! Sponsor VMware!

Also this year I’ve got a session (with Sasa Masic) about the news in the VMware world (still too few vExpert and VMware related guys at this kind of event):

Other people have wrote good reports about the sessions, so have a look at:

Next E2EVC 2015 (the Autumn edition) will be in E2EVC 2015 Lisbon, November 13-15, 2015. It will take place in Novotel Lisboa, Avenida José Malhoa 1 1A 1099-051 LISBOA PORTUGAL. If you are interested just register at this event.


Virtualization, Cloud and Storage Architect. Tech Field delegate. VMUG IT Co-Founder and board member. VMware VMTN Moderator and vExpert 2010-20 and vExpert Pro. Dell TechCenter Rockstar 2014-15. Microsoft MVP 2014-16. Veeam Vanguard 2015-19. Nutanix NTC 2014-20. Several certifications including: VCDX-DCV, VCP-DCV/DT/Cloud, VCAP-DCA/DCD/CIA/CID/DTA/DTD, MCSA, MCSE, MCITP, CCA, NPP.