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Minio is a new company build around an Open Source cloud storage product, built by veterans from Gluster.

Gluster is a distributed filesystem was purchased by Red Hat in 2011 for $136 million to use it as a base of their SDS vision, like with the Red Hat Storage Server. Minio co-founder and CEO, Anand Babu Periasamy, was CTO at Gluster, Inc and other people from the Gluster team moved in Minio. Six months ago, Minio lands $3.3M seed round from venture capitalists.

Minio-LogoDuring the last IT Press Tour #17, I’ve got the opportunity to know this company (the company was totally new for me, but not the Gluster project itself) and learn more about their vision and market strategy.

Minio Cloud Storage is Amazon S3 compatible object (or blob) storage totally written in Go and available under Apache License v2.

Minio mean minimal IO, and the idea is build a minimal object storage really easy, fast and simple and release it with an OpenSource license to make it a mainstream solution for private cloud object storage (like Amazon S3 is for the public cloud).

The solution is based on three different components: a server part, a client part and the SDK part for the developers.


The server part has two different editions: the free and OpenSource edition (Minio or Minio µ) and a more complete edition (Minio XL) that include (or will include, because actually this part is not yet available) a distributed erasure code algorithm (8 Data x 8 Parity).


Minio XL is designed for Petascale storage and could be used also VM or containers.All the code are actually available on GitHub and will be interesting see how it will be licensed, but seems that will be still OpenSource.

Also will be interesting see the performance of a similar storage, due to the usermode filesystem (with an interpreted language like Go), but the team declare that it should run fast enough, because the major bottleneck will came from the disks latencies.

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