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Holiday are finally arrived and new years is approaching. Usually it’s time to make the biggest (or the most obvious) predictions for the next years (in  IT, trying to do predictions longer than 5-10 years could be quite difficult considering how fast is changing).

I don’t really want to make my own guest on what could happen. For sure will be interesting in the virtualization world, considering that the beta of the next VMware vSphere is running and that 2016 will be also see the new Windows Server 2016.

More interesting is see see predictions on cloud Migration and VMware ESXi based on existing data and trends build with data science and big bata analytics.

For example, CloudPhysics has recently released an interesting analysis of their global data sets.

CloudPhysics helps systems administrators make smart, data-driven decisions. Their groundbreaking SaaS platform brings Big Data analytics to your virtualized datacenter, generating fresh operational insights that you can act on with certainty.

“The CloudPhysics Global Data Set provides tremendous insights into the range of technologies deployed across today’s data centers, as well as how they are functioning in practice to support today’s enterprise workloads,” said Chris Schin, vice president of product management at CloudPhysics. “As we analyze the Global Data Set, we can make data-driven predictions about what will happen in 2016. These are not mere guesses, these are based on observed tendencies across a large set of actual, anonymized data centers.”

From those data three 2016 predictions are:

  1. Enterprise cloud migrations will hit an inflection point in 2016, as enterprises use analytics and big data to right-size their on-premises VMware virtual machine (VM) configurations.
  2. VMware ESXi 6.0 will reach 50% market share quicker than ESXi 5.5 did.
  3. VMware ESXi 6.0 will become the dominant ESXi platform deployed globally by August 2016.

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