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Some years ago, A3CUBE Inc. has introduced its Fortissimo Foundation building block software solution. Coupled with A3CUBE’s RONNIE Express platform, Fortissimo Foundation provides dramatic improvements in application performance and datacenter efficiency, particularly in unstructured and Big Data environments.

A3CUBE was Founded in May 2012 (from Italian people, still in the company’s board) from the experience of a team with more than 20 years of operating experience in developing and marketing hi-tech enterprise products.

In this years they grow and improve their platform with the A3C Fortissimo Foundation Exa-Converged all-in one architecture:

A3CUBEThe main features of this platform are:

  • Performance Scales Across 1000s nodes with RDMA based communication: it creates exa-converged, virtual direct attached flash using PCIe direct memory injection eliminating the need for external boxes and without scalability limitation
  • No single Point of Failure
  • Bare metal Application data access APIs (Exa-Convergence Analytics)
  • Data in memory (now scalable) with the A3C-EXA-Architecture: thanks tot he“directinternodesmemoryinjection” this tier can scale by providing nano-seconds latency performance
  • Direct attached flash with unlimited scalability and no additional hardware): it aggregates ands cales direct attached flash devices (including NVMe and 3D-Xpoint) across 1000s nodes maintaining the latency at the same level across the entire cluster (<1 us inter-node latency!)
  • Pervasive Direct IO (unified transparent data positioning and access)
  • Clustered GPUs/Xeon PHI Sharing (For scalable accelerated data learning)

The Fortissimo appliance is an all in one appliance that combine Computing, Storage, and Network and can be used to build the Exa-Converged Platform with up to 10000s NVMe, SSD, 3D_Xpoint in a single unified storage pool, without compromise and without any application modification!

Those nodes can be combined in a interesting architecture where the back-end fabric is replaced by a simple data plane wihout any external switches and with an huge bandwith: