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SwiftStack is a storage company, founded on 2011 and based in San Francisco, CA, build with the idea to create a large scale object storage infrastructure in customer’s own data center (so specific for private cloud).

Is still a small company with 50 employess and more than 60 customers (half in past 3 quarters), but with interesting names and new deployments in life sciences (Counsyl, OMRF)
and media & entertainment (Rockstar Games, Tata Communications).

Now thay have announced SwiftStack 4.0, the latest version of its object storage software with new customer-driven capabilities that deliver scale and metadata search as well as plans for file native access and cloud synchronization. These new features are designed to further simplify and accelerate customer journeys from traditional file systems to more flexible, scalable cloud infrastructures. The new SwiftStack 4.0 software features dramatically increase operations at scale and provide analytics-ready search integration, fulfilling object storage’s full potential.

New SwiftStack 4.0 innovations include:

  • Integrated load balancing reduces the need for expensive dedicated network hardware and minimizes latency and bandwidth costs while scaling to larger numbers of storage nodes
  • Metadata search increases business value with integrated third-party indexing and search services to make stored object data analytics-ready
  • SwiftStack Drive is an optional desktop client that enables access to objects directly from desktops or laptops
  • Enhanced management with new IPv6 support, capacity planning and advanced data migration tools

But there is also an interesting and pretty unique function: Object Synchronization.


The object synchronization can with any Amazon S3-based public cloud, making it easier for applications, users and their customers to access data regardless of where it is created, where applications, users, and customers need it. It replicates objects to S3 buckets and it’s totally policy-driven.

Combined with the SwiftStack Drive this mean a complete unified and distribuited access to your data, also from your desktop so you can read and write files as you would with any drive.