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During this edition of DockerCon, Platform9 announced that it is providing support for Docker containers with Platform9 Managed Kubernetes.

Platform9 Managed Kubernetes is an enterprise-ready container management platform that makes it easy to orchestrate containerized workloads, while providing mission-critical features for deploying and managing Docker containers in production and at scale.

Platform9 Managed Kubernetes gives organizations a best-of-breed orchestration framework for deployment of their containerized workloads, delivered as a “managed service” which makes it easy to install and deploy on native bare metal. Platform9 also eliminates the operational overhead of troubleshooting and managing the orchestration layer through 24/7 health monitoring and alerting, zero-touch patch management and upgrades at scale. Further, Platform9 provides enterprise-ready features for supporting mission-critical applications, including RBAC support and multi-tenancy, SSO integration, persistent storage, isolated networking and image management.

“For forward-looking organizations that are taking a containerized approach to applications for greater agility and efficiency, Kubernetes provides a powerful orchestration framework for DevOps workflows,” said Madhura Maskasky, co-founder and vice president of product at Platform9. “Platform9 Managed Kubernetes simplifies and supercharges orchestration with operational capabilities and service-level guarantees that make it quick, easy and affordable for enterprises to deploy and run containers at scale in production.”

Platform9 Managed Kubernetes features:

  • Managed: Users can now focus on application development without worrying about upkeep of Kubernetes because configuration, 24/7 health monitoring and alerting, troubleshooting and upgrades are all included with Platform9 Managed Kubernetes.
  • Enterprise-ready:
    • RBAC support, SSO and multi-tenancy: Identity and access management is provided via compatibility with all major enterprise SSO solutions (such as AD, LDAP, Okta and others). Built-in multi-tenancy and ability to set and manage per-tenant resource quotas.
    • Persistent storage: Platform9 supports all major enterprise storage solutions (NetApp, Pure, EMC, Nimble, Ceph, Gluster and others).
    • Network integrations: Networking within and across Kubernetes Pods is enabled by integrating with all major enterprise network solutions.
    • Image management: Management and versioning of container registries allows for image standardization at the organization level and enables collaboration across dev-test and production.
  • Multi-cloud support: Organizations can build and manage cross-region or cross-cloud deployments under a common management layer with the same enterprise policies and control.
  • Easy: Anyone with basic Linux knowledge can now run Kubernetes. Any Linux-based servers (physical or virtual) can be configured to participate in Kubernetes clusters with the click of a button.

For more information:

  • Read the blog on “Containers as a Service” by Madhura Maskasky, co-founder and vice president of product at Platform9
  • Sign up for Platform9 Managed Kubernetes beta