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After the spin-off of HPE (see HPE will spin-off the software part) seems that the company is going to increase its storage portfolio and become a huge storage company.

HPE already has the StorVirtual (aka LeftHand) solution (that is become quite old in the approach) but also the more interesting StoreServ (from the 3PAR acquisitition) that cover mostly the storage portfolio with great AFA and hybrid products.

The hyperconverged area has been improved two months ago with SimpliVity products (see HPE and Simplivity: the deal is done) but now there is a big news.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co said it would buy data storage provider Nimble Storage Inc for $1.09 billion in cash!

This is really an unexpected news, considering that HPE has already a great storage flash and hybrid portfolio (with similar scalability approach), but Nimble is not only storage products (see #TFDx at VMworld EU 2016 – Nimble Storage).

They have InfoSight, Nimble Storage’s cloud-based management software and great analytics capabilities that can become really interesting also for other HPE products. Also Nimble already have a great VVols implementation and an interesting features called Transparent Application Mobility that permit to move workloads on the right storage platform according with the required policies (with good storage federation, this could become also a migration tools across HPE storages!).

And Nimble as also something unique for storage cloud: Nimble Cloud Volumes provide an enterprise-grade multicloud storage service for running your applications in Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. It’s as easy to use as native cloud storage, but provides enterprise-grade reliability and features, data mobility between public clouds and your datacenter, and global visibility no matter where your data lives.

For more informations on why Nimble is selling see this great post.