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Scale Computing is an alternative hyperconverged solution that cover the entire stack: from the hardware, to the hypervisor and storage, to the management part. Their HC3 platform is an hyperconverged solution that can be used for small- and medium-sized businesses but also in some enterprise departments with a simple (and different) approach to virtualization and storage.

Their appliances was sized to a have good compromize between computing and storage resource, but also to permit a good scalability in the datacenter. For this reason thei were all 1U size, but for this reason limited in the maximum number of disks.

Now they announced the availability of two new hyperconverged appliances – the HC1150DF and HC5150D – for organizations of all sizes that want to maximize storage speed and capacity. Driven by strong customer demand, the new appliances that combine storage, virtualization and servers capabilities offer the performance and capacity needed by large enterprise environments for a simple and agile IT infrastructure that helps them focus on the business and not the underlying infrastructure.

The new HC1150DF and HC5150D expand Scale’s existing HC3 product portfolio of products, now offering significant increases in flash storage and overall storage capacity to broaden hyperconverged customer choices. The HC1150DF provides all-flash storage, while the HC5150D (a 2U appliance) provides raw hybrid flash storage per cluster that retains the simplicity and ease of use that are now synonymous with the HC3 family.

Hybrid storage was already available in the past (see Scale Computing make hybrid flash HCI affordable for SMB), but now flash is available also for entry level model, and with a huge capacity for the top model:

Per Node Specification HC1150 – SSD HC5150D
CPU # of Cores
# of Threads
Clock Speed
2.1GHz / 3GHz
2.1GHz / 3GHz
RAM Size
Type 2 x 1GbE bonded active/passive 2 x 10GbE bonded active/passive
NL-SAS Storage RAW Capacity
Drive Speed
3TB (3x1TB)
7200 RPM
36TB (9 x 4TB)
7200 RPM
SSD Storage RAW Capacity 1x480GB 2.88TB (3 x 960GB)
Dimensions 1U
1.7” (43mm) H
17.2” (437mm) W
19.85” (503mm) D
3.44” (87.3mm) H
17.49” (444mm) W
26.92” (684.5mm) D
Power Type Hot-plug, Redundant, 400W Hot-plug, Redundant, 750W

Scale Computing is also releasing a new version of its patented HyperCore software for the new HC1150DF and HC5150D appliances that include deduplication for greater storage capacity. With the addition of deduplication, storage information now includes a combination of utilization, efficiency and provisioning metrics for both logical and physical storage views. Users will also have the flexibility to combine HC1150DF appliances with HC5150D appliances in the same cluster to meet their individual organization needs through a maximized combination of flash or hybrid storage. These updated HyperCore software capabilities will be made available to existing HC3 platform users later this year.

The HC1150DF and HC5150D are alredy . To learn more, visit