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How many VCP or VCAP people there are in the world and how many for each country? This is a not simple question, because of the lack of an official list of names. The only list that is keep updated is the VCDX directory, but you will not found something similar for other VMware’s certifications.

At the beginning of VCAP exams, there was a unique serial ID, so was easy guess those number for VCAP (and potentially also for VCP, because there was also a unique sequential ID for all VCPs).

Now is not more simple to guess, but each year VMware publish some data.

  • At the beginning of 2016 there were about 49902 active VCPs
  • On 2017 the VCP community has grown (11%) to represent a total of 190 countries

  • VCAP seems to be 5069 this this stats:

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