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November will be a rich month for VMUG UserCon in Europe. There will be two big UserCon :

Of course, I will attend at the Italian event, but I would like, one year to attend also at the UK UserCon that should be very huge and interesting, also for the location.

Both will be interesting, and in both UserCon there will be sessions in English (or course also some in Italian for the Italian event), so they could be valuable for everybody, not only Italian or UK guys.

But there will also some VMUG Meeting in Europe, during November and December:

I will able to attend only at the Czech Republic meeting at Prague (where I also have a speech), but I think that all of them will be valuable, so if you live in Austria, Germany, Franche or Czech Republic don’t miss those events!

For 2018 actually there is only those UserCon already planned:

But in the first half of the year usually there are also the German UserCon, so stay tuned on the VMUG UserCon events page.