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VMware has announced a preview of VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension service as an add-on service to VMware Cloud on AWS. (like the Site Recovery add-on).

Hybrid Cloud Extension service will enable customers to adopt the latest VMware Cloud on AWS offers, without the need to refactor applications and redo security and compliance architectures. Hybrid Cloud Extension service will provide large scale application migration and mobility between legacy VMware vSphere environments (vSphere 5.0+) and VMware Cloud on AWS to support this use case.

Using Hybrid Cloud Extension service, customers will be able to move applications to VMware Cloud on AWS at scale without any change in IP and any impact to application runtime, performance and reachability.

Hybrid Cloud Extension will let customers move 100’s of applications from their data centers to VMware Cloud on AWS without any application downtime, application re-factoring and without the need to upgrade/transform their existing vSphere environments. The service will provide secure live migration (secure VMware vMotion), warm migration and cold migration to VMware Cloud on AWS over a WAN optimized hybrid interconnect whilst ensuring business continuity.