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Reading Time: 3 minutes In the VMware ESXi 6.x partitions layout, usually, there is a partition called “scratch” that hosts the log, the updates, and other temporal files. Scratch space is configured automatically during installation or first boot of an ESXi host and is not required to be manually configured. If you install ESXi on a local hardware disk (or also if you are using a remote LUN in “boot from SAN” mode), this partition is built during the installation phase (it’s 4 GB Fat16 partition created on the target device during installation, if there is sufficient space). If […]

Reading Time: 2 minutes After the release of VMware NSX-T v2.0 only three months ago, now VMware has released the new version: NSX-T v2.1, that will enable advanced networking and security across these emerging app architectures, just as it does for traditional 3-tier apps. More specifically, NSX-T 2.1 will serve as the networking and security platform for the recently announced VMware Pivotal Container Service (PKS), a Kubernetes solution jointly developed by VMware and Pivotal in collaboration with Google. NSX-T 2.1 will also introduce integration with the latest 2.0 release of Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF), serving as the networking and security engine behind PCF. In these environments, NSX-T will provide Layer […]

Reading Time: 3 minutes VMware Cloud Foundation is VMware’s unified SDDC platform for the hybrid cloud and it’s based on VMware’s compute, storage, and network virtualization technologies to deliver a native integrated software stack that can be used on-premises for private cloud deployment or run as a service from the public cloud with consistent and simple operations. VMware has announced the upcoming release of VMware Cloud Foundation 2.3.  This new release comes with many new capabilities to help further simplify the tasks of deploying, operating and maintaining a VMware based hybrid cloud.

Reading Time: 2 minutes On December, 4th 2017, I’ve been invited at the VMUG CZ Meeting and it was a nice opportunity to meet some friends (and know new friends). It was also the opportunity to bring my experience with stretched clusters, mainly in VMware environment, in a presentation that I’ve titled “The dark side of stretched cluster“, in order to pointing not only at the pro of this configuration, but also at the possible cons.

Reading Time: < 1 minute Interesting European IT events: VMUG CZ Meeting – Prague (Dec, 4) Black Hat Europe – London (Dec, 4-7) VeeamON Tour Virtual 2017 – Online (Dec, 5) Veeam Vanguard Virtual Conference – Online (Dec, 6) Paris OpenSource Summit – Paris (Dec, 6-7) Industry 4.0 – Borovets (Dec, 13-16) VMUG Virtual – Online (Dec, 13)

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