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VMware has announced the general availability of NSX-T Data Center 2.2.0. VMware NSX-T Data Center is the next generation product that provides a scalable network virtualization and micro-segmentation platform for multi-hypervisor environments, container deployments and native workloads running in public cloud environments.

VMware NSX-T Data Center has been updated to provide networking and security infrastructure for on-premise deployments, for VMware Cloud on AWS and also for other native public cloud, like Microsoft Azure.

This enables a true hybrid cloud by simplify the network management and security with a single common layer. For the public cloud the core remain the NSX Cloud.

NSX Cloud delivers a new model for multi-cloud network management, providing consistent networking and security for applications running natively in the public cloud, across multiple public clouds.

This fits both in the VMware vision (any app, on any cloud, from any device), but also the NSX reference architecture:

The interesting part is the the core of NSX-T Data Center 2.2.0 it’s NSX-T and not NSX-V. Not a big surprise, considering that NSX-V is too much integrated with vSphere and can manage only VMware vSphere workload (with some execptions for physical workload).

Instead, NSX-T has an independent management plane, that make it more flexible to manage multiple hypervisor (but still does not have a native Hyper-V support) and multiple cloud.

Considering also that NSX-T is growing in features (becoming more and more comparable with NSX-V) will be interesting to see if it can become, in the future, the only NSX platform.

For more information on NSX-T Data Center 2.2.0 see the Release Notes.