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Some months ago, Rubrik has announced the launch of Polaris, a SaaS platform for Data Management Applications. Rubrik Polaris delivers a unified system of record across all business applications and data for seamless security, compliance, and governance.

Now Rubrik has announced the general availability of Radar, the latest application built on the Polaris SaaS platform. Radar increases resiliency against ransomware by making it faster and easier to recover from an attack. It accelerates recovery by providing deep intelligence on the impact of an attack.

Radar’s multi-layered defense includes:

  • Monitoring – detect anomalies: Radar leverages machine learning to understand how users behave and data evolves to stay ahead of new threats. By actively monitoring global metadata, Radar generates alerts for anomalies and suspicious behavior, such as ransomware, to accelerate detection.
  • Analysis – quickly diagnose threat impact: Radar continuously analyzes the entire environment to track change activity over time. Users can quickly identify which applications and files were impacted and where they are located to help visualize the attack’s impact on the system.
  • Recovery– minimize business disruption and data loss: Radar replaces manual recovery processes with just a few clicks. Simply tell us what you want to recover and where you want to recover to, and then click a button. Rubrik puts all the clean versions of your data back into the right spot, so you can get back to business like nothing ever happened.

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