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In the past, the relationship between VMware and the public cloud was, in my opinion, quite confusing. Initially a vCloud program for third-party cloud services providers, then the VMware vCloud Air era (in direct competition with the third-party cloud services providers), then the idea to sell the vCloud Air brand to OVH (one of the third-party cloud services providers)…

And now? Again a strong third-party cloud services providers program, but also VMware Cloud on AWS.

But what is interesting is that finally seems that now the VMware’s vision of the public (and hybrid) cloud is strong and uniform between its solution and the third-party cloud services program.

First, with a good lifecycle of the vCloud Director product, that is the core cloud management platform for the service providers that want to use VMware vSphere to build IaaS and not only offers. And VMware has just released vCloud Director 9.5.

The new vCloud Director 9.5 enhances easy and intuitive cloud provisioning and consumption by adding highly-requested capabilities including self-service data protection, disaster recovery, and container-orchestration for cloud consumers, along with multi-site management, multi-tenancy and cross-platform networking for Cloud Providers.

vCloud Director Interop

On the other side, VMware continues to accelerate the adoption of cloud services and a multi-cloud world through new products and solutions. One good example was the VMware Hybrid Cloud Extension (HCX) to help both in the migration and in the integration of multiple clouds.

Now VMware has announced VMware Cloud Provider Hub, a powerful solution built to help providers onboard and manage the delivery and management of both VMware and third-party cloud services through a central hub.

The Cloud Provider Hub is a core component of the Cloud Provider Platform and is an evolution of the previously-branded VMware MSP Platform.

The new solution brings together multi-cloud services and lifecycle controls into a centralized portal for partners to purchase, provision, and manage VMware cloud infrastructure and operations services.

Cloud Provider Hub Platform

That’s another interesting step because the vCloud Director gives only a “core platform” and enrich it with a more complete (from the services point of view) platform can really help both VMware and third-party providers to give services with similar appeal and behavior, in a more consistent way.

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