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VMware Horizon version 7.4 was released at the begin of this year, and now VMware has just released the new version of VMware Horizon: version 7.6 has several improvements as documented in the release notes. So a really active year for EUC and VDI.

VMware has also released VMware User Environment Manager 9.5 and VMware AppVolumes 2.14.2.

Horizon 7 version 7.6 includes the following new features:

  • Support for vSphere 6.5 U2
  • Additional features in Horizon 7 on VMware Cloud on AWS
  • New functionality in Horizon Client 4.9: for information about new features in Horizon Client 4.9, including HTML Access 4.9, see the Horizon Clients Documentation page.
  • New Horizon Cloud Connector: you can use VMware Horizon 7 Cloud Connector to manage subscription licenses to a Horizon Cloud node hosted on the VMware Horizon Cloud Service. A subscription license removes the need to keep, retrieve, or manually enter a license key for product activation.
  • New Blast Extreme functionality, including adaptive transport with IPv6
  • Geolocation redirection: you can enable the Geolocation Redirection option when you install Horizon Agent on a virtual desktop or RDS host to redirect geolocation information from Windows client devices to virtual desktops, published desktops, or published applications. This feature also requires Horizon Client 4.9 for Windows.
  • Support for new GPU: NVIDIA GPU cards V100 and P100 and AMD V340
  • Skype for Business feature improvements
  • Improvements in the Agent for Linux VDI, including Instant-clone support for RHEL 7.1 and later versions

Watch this 10-minute video by Hilko Lantinga on Digital Workspace Tech Zone for a detailed technical explanation of the features:

See also: What’s New with Horizon 7 v 7.6

If you plan to upgrade your environment be sure to read the Horizon 7 Upgrades resource, that provides instructions for upgrading from the latest maintenance releases of Horizon View  5.3, VMware Horizon™ 6 (with View), or VMware Horizon 6 version 6.1 or 6.2, to VMware Horizon 7.