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RVTools is a Windows .NET application, easy to be install which uses the VI API to collect and display informations about your vSphere virtual environments. Probably it’s one of the most used application to collect information from a vSphere environment with more than 1 million copies downloaded!

RVTools supports all version of vSphere starting from version 3.5 (when still was called Virtual Infrastructure) through the latest vSphere 6.7… with or without vCenter Server!

After one year from the last version (RVTools version 3.10), now it’s available the new Version 3.11 (March, 2019).

It adds a lot of changes, bugfixes, improvements:

  • Upgraded RVTools solution to use VMware vSphere Management SDK 6.7U1
  • Windows Authentication Framework (Waffle) is no longer used by RVTools
  • NPOI .NET library for creating excel export files is no longer used by RVTools
  • RVTools now uses OpenXML and ClosedXML for creating the excel export files
  • Performance improvements for export to excel
  • Added -ExcludeCustomAnnotations switch to RVTools command line interface
  • Added –DBColumnNames switch to RVTools command line interface
  • vInfo tab page new column: Creation date virtual machine
  • vInfo tab page new columns: Primary IP Address and vmx Config Checksum
  • vInfo tab page new columns: log directory, snapshot directory and suspend directory
  • dvSwitch tab page new columns: LACP name, LACP mode and LACP loadbalance Algorithm
  • vNIC tab page new column: Name of uplink port
  • vNetwork tab page new column: Network Adapter DirectPath I/O Parameter
  • vHost tab page new columns: Serial number and BIOS vendor
  • Header row and first column in export Excel file are now locked.
  • First “Select” column is removed from excel worksheet vFloppy, vCD and vTools.
  • Added a new executable to merge your vCenter xlsx files super-fast to one xlsx file. RVToolsMergeExcelFiles.exe -input c:\temp\AA.xlsx;c:\temp\BB.xlsx -output c:\temp\AABB.xlsx -template c:\temp\mytemplate.xlsx -verbose –overwrite
  • Example script RVToolsBatchMultipleVCs.ps1 is changed. It will now uses RVToolsMergeExcelFiles to merge the xlsx files.

Grab your free copy of the new release of RVTools directly from here.