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SwiftStack is a software solution to help people easily create large scale object storage infrastructure in their own data center. They can run their own globally-distributed storage cloud running behind the corporate firewall and keeping the data secure and locally.

Now the new SwiftStack Software Appliance has a 1click Application Profile for Veeam to further simplify setup and management of cloud or on-premises object storage for Cloud Tier, a new feature in Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 Update 4.

The appliance helps Veeam users realize the economy and elasticity of cloud storage, and keep data active and available on-demand even as volumes and compliance requirements grow. 

SwiftStack has demostrated its Software Appliance with 1click Application Profile for Veeam Cloud Tier solution at VeeamON 2019 conference, the world’s premier event for Cloud Data Management in Miami.

Veeam customers using SwiftStack can create a capacity tier for long-term data retention in their own datacenter, across multiple geographic regions, and/or one or more public clouds depending on their management and retention policies. Pointers to the migrated files, along with associated metadata, are maintained locally near the Veeam servers, while files for long-term retention are moved off to SwiftStack. Other policies can be assigned based on protection, location, access, or other requirements. SwiftStack stores data in a highly durable manner across its cluster and can automatically replicate the data offsite to another data center or public cloud to protect against a major disaster.

 “Using Veeam Cloud Tier is just the beginning of a fully modernized, cloud-native storage environment that can be extended to other enterprise applications so users can manage the hyper-growth of data – and extract more value from that data,” said Erik Pounds, Vice President of Marketing at SwiftStack. “The new 1click software appliance for Veeam Cloud Tier is a single-click process to configure a scalable cloud infrastructure that costs approximately one-tenth of traditional storage and is capable of so much more.”

 “SwiftStack brings much-needed cloud and data center storage strategies to Veeam users who want to reduce storage acquisition, scaling, and management costs,” said Ken Ringdahl, Vice President of Global Alliance Architecture at Veeam. “The appetite for cloud storage is continuing to increase and SwiftStack delivering scale-out on-premises capabilities with a bridge into a public cloud service is an ideal solution.

 SwiftStack has also achieved the Veeam Ready Object status in Veeam’s newest category for object storage platforms, announced on May 16th.

Veeam Ready Object qualification assures users that SwiftStack meets Veeam’s partner testing program standards for feature compatibility and performance levels of object storage products.

SwiftStack performed this recent round of qualification testing on Cisco hardware infrastructure which included UCS S3260 storage servers and HyperFlex. For even further assurance of compatibility, Cisco offers pre-defined solution bundles for SwiftStack, supported by the software appliance.

SwiftStack is easy to deploy and scale with adding standard server hardware on premises and accounts in Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform. Applications and users are given universal access (file and object) to a single data namespace, and data is placed across the system by user-defined policies. Any amount of metadata can be added and indexed in the system, allowing for full awareness and utilization. The new SwiftStack Software Appliance featuring 1click Application Profiles simplify the provisioning, tuning, and ongoing management of storage for leading data-driven enterprise applications. A 1click Application Profile is already available for Splunk Enterprise with SmartStore, with more to come.

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