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VMware is acquiring Bitnami to accelerate application delivery for multi-cloud and Kubernetes and expand Bitnami adoption in the enterprise.

Bitnami, a leader in application packaging solutions providing the largest catalog of click-to-deploy applications and development stacks for major cloud and Kubernetes environments.

What is interesting is that Bitnami has an impressive application catalog (and also an enterprise catalog) for VM in OVA format, containers in Docker or Kubernetes or native physical machine (Windows, Linux and MacOSX format).

That’s really impressive and mostly used for accelerate application testing and/or deployment.

If you remember, more than 10 years ago, one of the big advantages of VMware virtualization was the related marketplace… now is has become the VMware Solution Exchange, but has not grow so much, becoming very poor on some type of solutions or products.

With this acquisition, VMware can make relevant again is application catalog, and more important can have an unified approach for native, VA based and container based applications.

Bitnami will enable our customers to easily deploy application packages on any cloud— public or hybrid—and in the most optimal format—virtual machine (VM), containers and Kubernetes helm charts. Further, Bitnami will be able to augment our existing efforts to deliver a curated marketplace to VMware customers that offers a rich set of applications and development environments in addition to infrastructure software.

What I hope to see is a complete application lifecycle management, not limited to the delivery part… But let’s see…

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