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Eight years ago I’ve started writing this blog and the vInfrastructure blog starts its life (see the first official post: Blog goes live).

Initially the blog had a slightly different domain name, but has rapidly changed with the final one (shorted and probably simpler).

In those years, I’ve written wrote about all the vSphere 5.x editions (starting with the first 5.0 announce), all the vSphere 6.x editions… but not only on vSphere, by covering also other VMware (and non VMware) products.

vInfrastructure Blog

The blog remains one of most popular virtualization related blogs in the top 25-50 across the years. Using the top VMware & virtualization blogs list from vSphere-land web site those are the results:

And still remain in a dual languages version: Italian and English. Keep in two distinct languages is quite difficult and time expensive, in fact I’ve reduce the number of translations and try two write different contents, because Italian visitor are become less, from a percentage prospective (starting from 2014, when I’ve changed the multi-language module, is possible keep also separated visitor stats for each page).

Considering that the italian readers now are less than 10%, I just use the multi-language blog not as a merely translation of each post, but I provide different contents and topics in the two languages.

For the blog milestones see also: