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VMware has just announced the General Availability (GA) of vRealize Suite 2019, vCloud Suite 2019, and vCloud Suite 2019 Platinum!

The VMware “Suites” solutions provide organizations an easy way to on-board to cloud, enabling consistent deployments with visibility and governance for virtualized and cloud native workloads deployed across hybrid and multicloud environments.

It’s an affortable way to license more VMware software and get the power of the cloud management platform.

For more information see this blog post.

VMware vRealize SuitevCloud Suite, and vCloud Suite Platinum are part of VMware’s hybrid cloud management platform offerings.

  • vRealize Suite is a hybrid cloud management platform that enables IT Operations to deliver a self-service private or hybrid cloud with automation, governance, and consistent operations.
  • vCloud Suite brings together vSphere, the industry-leading server virtualization software and the foundation of a modern SDDC (Software Defined Data Center), and the vRealize Suite together.
  • vCloud Suite Platinum brings vSphere Platinum and vRealize Suite together to help IT Operations deliver a self-service private or hybrid cloud with automation, governance, consistent operations, AND intrinsic security.
VMware Hybrid Cloud Management Platform
VMware vRealize and vCloud Suite

VMware vRealize Suite 2019

The vRealize Suite 2019 includes the latest vRealize version 8.0 products to provide a modern hybrid cloud management platform.

VMware vRealize Suite Packaging & Licensing
VMware vRealize Suite editions

The vRealize Suite integrates:

VMware vCloud Suite

VMware vCloud Suite 2019 includes vRealize Suite 2019 and vSphere Enterprise Plus for vCloud Suite.

VMware vCloud Suite 2019
VMware vCloud Suite editions

VMware vCloud Suite 2019 Platinum includes vRealize Suite 2019 and vSphere Platinum for vCloud Suite.