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Some years ago, I’ve published a post about the Hyperconverged infrastructure market share (2018)… but what about now? How HCI has grow?

HCI has become a hot topic with several vendors that aim to be a leader in this area, or with several “magic quadrants” that try to define who is in.

Let’s start from some data from The Forrester Wave™: Hyperconverged Infrastructure, Q4 2023

VMware and Nutanix are the well know leaders in the enterprise, and HPE, Sangford and Microsoft are strong performers.

This is also confirmed by the IDC’s numbers of HCI market share:

Cisco’s HyperFlex platform continues to perform well but is being discontinued. Cisco HyperFlex takes advantage of the Cisco UCS platform with the evolved form of its Springpath acquisition in 2017. 

Also, there is a mix of HCI and CI, but the leaders are clear in the HCI market with strong shares: VMware 41,5% and Nutanix 24,6% (in Q3 2021). But note that the rest of market isa huge slice (21,3% in Q3 2021).

And still, NetApp Solidfire and the “HCI” branded products seems really far away and not yet mature for this market or the market has not yet understand how there can be HCI by de-coupling storage and compute node (see also: What’s really define an HCI solution? ).

Of course, this analysis does not consider the different markets and segments… for example, in the SMB market the most common name should be Scale Computing, StorMagic, and other specific solutions.