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Effective from May 6, 2024, there are some important news in VMware certifications: a new Certification Manager 2.0 portal page (, new New Certification Version Badges, Standardize Exam Fees for all exams, and the new Certification by Exam Only path!

The standard exam fee apply an all VCTA, VCP, and VCAP exams will now be charged a flat fee of USD $250.00. This new fee structure will take effect on May 6, 2024, and will apply to all new registrations, renewals, and retakes. There will be no changes to the exam content.

An important improvement for who want to take the VCAP exams that were too much costly for several people… and also an alligment with what other vendors do in their certification.

But the most exciting new is that beginning May 6, 2024, completing a training course or other prerequisite certification will no longer be a prerequisite for students seeking certification. This allows you greater flexibility to demonstrate your skills and knowledge on your own terms.

What does it means? Now you can take the exam… pass it and you are certified… for example for VCP-DCV (Data Center Virtualization 2024 [v2]):

As you can notice, Data Center Virtualization 2024 has been renamed in Data Center Virtualization 2024 [v2] to match this huge change.

It is important to note that certification upgrades will continue to be offered through official courses. What does it mean? Like befor, for several certifications, you can take the exam OR take an offcial corse. For example for VCP-DCV 2024, if you start from VCP-DCV 2023:

So… it is time to pursue your dream job. Take advantage of it by obtaining a new VMware certification or by renew an existing one.