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Some people are looking to the Nutanix Cloud Platform (NCP) but they don’t understand all the different terms and how are related to other platform.

Considering that VMware is still the leader for the on-prem virtual vinfrastructure, I try to build a table that match VMware terms in Nutanix terms.

Nutanix Architecture

Nutanix Terms Mapping

Term / Technology / CategogyVMwareNutanix
Product Suite NameVMware vSphereAcropolis + Prism
HypervisorESXi (Server)Nutanix AHV (Acropolis Hypervisor) is the native
But also ESXi or Hyper-V are supported
Nutanix is hypervisor agnostic!
Cloud PlatformVCFNutanix Cloud Platform
Management PlanevCenter Server (or VCSA)Nutanix Prism
Free editionNo more available (but still exist the evaluation mode for 60 days)Nutanix CE (Community Edition) for single node or 3 nodes cluster
Update / Upgrade ToolvCenter Lifecycle Manager (included in vCenter Server)Nutanix LCM (both in Prism Center and Elements)
Integrated KMSvSphere Native Key ProviderNutanix LKM
Cluster HA solutionvSphere HAAHV VM High Availability (VM HA)
Management HA solutionVCHAPrism Central on 3 nodes
Management GUI (HTML5)vSphere Client
Host UI
Prism Central (deployed in a VM like VCSA)
Prism Elements (that is much more than the simple Host UI)
Host CLIesxclincli
Other CLIPowerCLI ans some othersacli, Nutanix Powershell
Storage Controller / Storage ProcessorUsually in the externel storageCVM (Nutanix Controller VM)
Network VirtualizationNSXNutanix Flow
Operations toolAria OperationsPrism Central
Automation toolAria AutomationCalm
HCI softwareVMware vSANAcropolis OS (AOS)
HCI Node imaging toolVCF VMware Imaging Appliance
VxRail NIM (Node Image Management)
HCI Block ServicevSAN iSCSI TargetNutanix Volumes (aka Nutanix Block)
HCI File ServicevSAN File ServiceNutanix Files
HCI Object ServiceThrough 3rd party solutionsNutanix Objects
Integrated Kubernetes as a ServiceTanzuNutanix Kubernetes Platform (NKP aka Karbon)
Integrated Database as a ServiceVMware Data ServicesNutanix Database Service (NDB aka Era)

Note that it’s not always have a perfect 1:1 match, some terms or concepts does not exist in both worlds or some of them does overlaps with other concepts.

Of course, the best way is star studing the NCP platform from scratch and use the Nutanix Bible as a reference if you want to learn more.