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During the last VeeamON event, one of the interesting announces was the possibility to run Veeam Backup & Replication Server on a Linux system!

This features was required from several year (for example, see this thread) and during those years more and more Veeam roles have been modified to run both on Windows or on Linux.

And, by the way, all the appliances used for Veeam Backup for AWS, Azure or GCP are based on Linux!

Now the announce that with the next version (v13?) will be possible deploy it on Windows or Linux Server.

VBR on Windows will remain as one of the possible deployment option, but the new Linux deployment will permit both more security and more options to increase availability.

Will be interesting see if hardening solution and RBAC models will be appliable on the new VBR on Linux, but for sure will be an important step.

I hope in compatibility with SELinux, good distribution support, the possibility to exclude local admin from becoming Veeam Admin (actually it’s impossible with the Windows version), support for Postgres with replica and, of course, full feature parity with the Linux version.

Will be a first step to have (in the future) also a virtual appliance? It could be an interesting option to provide an hardened and turnkey solution also for customers that don’t have the skill to build and managed byself.