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VMware has just released the new version of VMware Horizon: version 7.4 has several improvements as documented in the release notes. Some improvements are related to the connection servers:

Starting with VMware Horizon 7 it’s possible choose two different way to deliver space optimized desktop pools: using VMware Composer and linked clones technology (existing from several years) or use the new instant clones technology (introduced with vSphere 6.0). Similar to View Composer linked clones, instant clones share a virtual disk of a parent VM and therefore consume less storage than full VMs. In addition, instant clones share the memory of a parent VM. Instant clones are created using the vmFork technology. An instant-clone desktop pool has the following key characteristics:

Using VMware View was possible set specific shortcuts using the View client CLI in order to automatically open a specific virtual desktop. The CLI has not changed (at least not so much) in the recent Horizon View Client, but starting from version 3.0 there are also new options. The old approach was build a Windows shortcut like this one:

End User Computing (EUC) scenario has change in the last year… not one single killer application for all cases, but multiple Technologies for different user cases or customers needs. Does not make sense say that this could be the year of VDI… VDI is growing but will never been a killer application… just one solution with its market segment. But there are also Apps and RemoteApps, DaaS, FLEX, Mobile, Managed desktop/laptop, and lot of other solutions! VMware still consider the EUC a main pillar, but its proposition has been modified to cover the new scenarios. VMware […]

VMware has announced and released Horizon for View 6.0 several months ago. I’ve already discussed about the news of this product (remote apps and app pools is probably one of the most evident). The upgrade procedure is almost similar with previous procedures (see upgrade to View 5.3 or View 5.2) and it’s well document in the official Horizon View 6.0 upgrades guide. Remember to check first the compatibility guide (and verify with version of vSphere could be used) and finally to upgrade also the AD GPO templates.

After the announce of some months ago, VMware Horizon View 6 has been released for general availability (GA). The name has also sligtly changed in VMware Horizon (with View) 6.0, considering that the previous Horizon Suite is no more avilable. Editions are also little different: Horizon 6 (with View) is sold in three editions, VMware Horizon™ View™ Standard Edition, VMware Horizon™ Advanced Edition, and VMware Horizon™ Enterprise Edition.

After five months the GA of VMware Horizon View 5.3, now VMware announce officially the new VMware Horizon 6.0 with much emphasis on the features of Horizon View. In the VMware End-User Computing Blog there are several post about it, but of course there are also several other blog post. Will be an impressive innovation? Will be the year of VDI? Can simple change some rules and equilibrium in the EUC world? There are of course several new features, but I think that it’s mostly and evolution than a revolution. The main core architecture remain […]

Upgrade steps to VMware Horizon View 5.3 are quite the same of the upgrade to 5.2 and also their behavior and order remain the same: Check-list for HCL and also software compatibility (remember to verify also the version of VMware vSphere) Connection servers (included View Manager, Secure Servers and Transfer Servers): remember that for View Secure Servers this is almost a full reinstallation (so pairing must be done from scratch) Composer Server: this must still be a Windows Server (could be vCenter Server, if Windows, or an external server)… remember to keep the existing certificate and […]

In an installation of VMware Horizon View one requirement is the VMware Composer database to keep track of the various pools with linked clones. But this is the only mandatory DB (if you have linked clones), because for the various View Connection Servers there isn’t any strictly database strictly requirement, since they exchange and share data via a specific data structure based on Active Directory Lightweight Mode (actually an LDAP tree replicated between each replication server). But in real scenario, it becomes useful, from the management point of view, set up a shared database for […]

In some cases you may have a pending VMware Horizon View pool deletion task that does not finish for several reasons: usually when you have modify or delete some VM’s pool directly from the VMware vCenter Server instead from the View Manager. In those cases you will not be able to remove those pool anymore and probably you will not able to build VM with the same pattern. You can fix this issue manually using those VMware KB: Manually deleting linked clones or stale virtual desktop entries from VMware View Manager 4.5 and later (2015112) […]

Not only the VMware Horizon View 5.3 has been released but also the related Feature Pack 1. It’s available, as usual, in a dedicated download area. It also include the new Blast 2.2 protocol (aka the HTML5 access) that bring some interesting in term of performance and speed and reduce the big gap between the PCoIP protocol (for more info see also PCoIP vs. Blast). For the installation and configuration procedure the notes in the post about the 5.2 View version are still valid.

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