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Source: VMware vSphere 4.1 Update 2 Released

The VMware vCenter Server 4.1 Update 2 release offers the following improvements:

  • Support for new processors: vCenter Server 4.1 Update 2 supports hosts with processors on AMD Opteron 6200 series (Interlagos) and AMD Opteron 4200 series (Valencia).
    Note: For the AMD Opteron 6200 and 4200 series (Family 15h) processors, vCenter Server 4.1 Update 2 treats each core within a compute unit as an independent core, except while applying licenses. For the purpose of licensing, vCenter Server treats each compute unit as a core. For example, although a processor with 8 compute units can provide the processor equivalent of 16 cores on vCenter Server 4.1 Update 2, only 8 cores will be counted towards license usage calculation.
  • Additional vCenter Server Database Support: vCenter Server now supports the following databases.
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express (x32 and x64)
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Express (x32 and x64)
  • Resolved Issues: This release delivers a number of bug fixes that have been documented in the Resolved Issues section.

The following information describes some of the enhancements available in this release of VMware ESXi:

  • Support for new processors – ESXi 4.1 Update 2 supports AMD Opteron 6200 series (Interlagos) and AMD Opteron 4200 series (Valencia).Note: For the AMD Opteron 6200 and 4200 series (Family 15h) processors, ESX/ESXi 4.1 Update 2 treats each core within a compute unit as an independent core, except while applying licenses. For the purpose of licensing, ESX/ESXi treats each compute unit as a core. For example, although a processor with 8 compute units can provide the processor equivalent of 16 cores on ESX/ESXi 4.1 Update 2, it only uses 8 licenses.
  • Support for additional guest operating system ESX 4.1 Update 2 adds support for Ubuntu 11.10 guest operating system. For a complete list of guest operating systems supported with this release, see the VMware Compatibility Guide.
  • Resolved Issues In addition, this release delivers a number of bug fixes that are documented in the Resolved Issues section.
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For the VMworld scheduled in the next year there will be two wonderful locations (both are confirmed):

Both the city need at least one visit (and both require some days for a good visit…) and also the weather probably could be fine in those period… so which location? Both could be obvious, but also mean time (and money).

I think that if you never been at one VMworld US edition, this could be the right time (probably Barcelona will be confirmed for at least two years?!), but if you are in Europe and you have a limited budget for this event, the Spanish location could be a better option (note that there are 3 airports near the city and several low cost companies).

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This European edition was the second time at Copenhagen, so we can make some comparison with the previous edition:

  • General organization: seems better (one year of experience can help to improve).
  • Transport: similar as last year (bus from the airport and free pass for metro/s-tog), but this time the main entrance was near the metro station.
  • Bella Center: this time seems that was used an extended area, the resul was good and better than last year… more free space, relax area, lot of place to eat or simple sit, bigger reception… maybe the only flaw was the longer corridor at the entrance.
  • General sessions: I’m not convinced with the choice to put the first general session in the afternoon… maybe was for people that arrive late morning? About the contents they were good… maybe the Ducati case study in the first sessions was (IMHO) a better option.
  • Hands-on Labs: really nice the lab area, but I don’t know if was bigger or smaller than last year… for sure was most of time completely full… but the waiting queue, to be honest, was not so longer.
  • Blogger Lounge: bigger that last year and (IMHO) in a better place… but last year there were more people in it.
  • Alumni Lounge: was empty on most of the time… maybe was too close to the labs and the Blogger Lounge? Anyway… the Alumni cap was nice.
  • Partner Lounge: nice, large and welcoming… but too isolated. Good idea to put a Partner University point for questions and feedback.
  • Solutions Exchange: this year was really good and well designed… was greater, with more space also for the corridors and between booths… I’m not sure (maybe was just an impression due to the more space), but seems that there was more exhibitors.
  • Community TV: a new entry of this year (I don’t remember at all in the last European edition)… was a pity that there were several free slots (especially in the first days).
  • VMworld TV: last year was almost fixed (in the blogger lounge), this year was almost “on the road”.
  • Certifications: as the last year, there wasn’t a VUE center (so not exams at VMworld)… but there were some prep courses both for VCP and VCAPs, with a discount (50%) voucher included… Unfortunately there wan’t any official announce about the new VCAP5 and VCDX5 certifications (last year was announce the new VCAP4 series).
  • Party: better that last year, but still not comparable with US parties.
  • Event duration: officially the European event is a 3 days length (plus Monday for the partner), in my opinion 3 days are not enough (and maybe 1 partner day is too much)… why not make a 4 days event (like the US edition) and find a way to handle the partner’s sessions?
  • Weater:  good enough… but (to be related to the event) cloudy on some days…
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Instead of give a opinion to each session of VMworld Europe 2011, I prefer point the best moments (maybe unique… for sure “priceless”) of this event:

  • VMworld Community TV: as already written, it was a great opportunity to make a day report (in native language) of the event. Thanks again to John Troyer for this opportunity.
  • VMUG.IT vBeer: on Monday evening there was the Italian vBeer with around 40 people… But the best moment was see Re Ferrè and Perilli discuss about cloud and all around it.
  • vExpert Meeting: on the late afternoon of Tuesday there was a meeting between some vExpert… a good opportunity to meet some of the 300 “selected people”.
  • VCDX Breakfast: Wednesday has start with a breakfast with some VCDXs… from VMware there were on few of them (maybe due to sessions and labs)… but was a great moment to discuss about the program, how can be improved, how has improved from the past… and also about some possible news in the VCDX5.
  • VMUG Member Lunch: still on Wednesday , there was a lunch for the VMUG board (and not only for the leaders)… another moment where was possible appreciate the “flat” approach in most discussions… everybody can tell his opinion and all are at same level (at least in this moment). Memorable was when Steve Herrod arrived for meet the people and sit for some time on each table.
  • Paul Maritz Q&A: in the late afternoon of Wednesday, there was a Q&A session between the press (and some bloggers) and the CEO of VMware.
  • Ducati: his part during the last general session was really great.


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Finally, after several problems and delays in shipment, I’ve received the VCDX4 welcome kit (with the letter dated “November 12, 2010“) relative of my upgrade of previous VCDX3 certification.

As already written by several VCDXs, the certify is now only a paper version, with the wall plate (but I suppose that probably for new VCDX4 this version is still there). Apparently there isn’t any shirt with the welcome kit… but in the letter is included a specific voucher to have it from the VCDX4 Store.

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In this VMworld Europe edition there was a lot of Italy…

On about 7000 attendee, around 250 were from Italy, that is quite a good number, considering that Copenhagen was not to a so “comfortable” location.

And, of course, there was a good representative of the Italian VMUG, with 6 board members that have take the live broadcast on VMworld Community TV, the reports of the days and the events with blogs and tweets, the social relations, the meetings, … and the Italian vBeers on Monday with about 40 people.

Also in the sessions there was a piece of Italy: Massimo Re Ferrè (speaker) and  Luca Zerminiani (co-speaker), both from VMware Italy.

But probably the best moment was during the last general session (the one with Paul Maritz): in the first part there are Carl Eschenbach (VMware) and Daniel Bellini and Roberto Cané (CIO and Electronic Systems Manager of Ducati) that present an italian case study.

And finally we must remember that on at top of VMware there are some Italian people: Maurizio Carli and Vittorio Viarengo.

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Sono da poco disponibili (anche a chi non ha partecipato al VMworld) le tre sessioni generali:

  • Tuesday, October 18 | 15.30 – 17.00 – Engineering the Future
    Maurizio Carli, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)
    Steve Herrod, CTO and Senior VP of R&D, VMware
    Join VMware CTO and SVP of R&D Steve Herrod for a look into the technologies underpinning the cloud. Get an insider’s tour of the industry’s first comprehensive cloud infrastructure suite, including vSphere 5’s most advanced features and capabilities. Cloud computing is also changing the way we live, work and play, and Steve will showcase cutting-edge technologies helping enterprises better serve their employees in a world of increasing change. This is a can’t miss session for true technologists at heart.
  • Wednesday, October 19 | 09.00 – 10.00 – The Software-Driven Datacenter
    Raghu Raghuram, Senior VP and General Manager of Cloud Platforms, VMware
    Come hear from Raghu Raghuram, VMware’s Senior Vice-President and General Manager of Cloud Platforms, on industry trends towards a more dynamic, flexible and automated datacenter environment based on the increasing role of virtualization across the datacenter. Hear how software-hardware boundaries are being redefined, enabling a new operating model that will bring the next economic breakthrough in datacenter operations. Take a peek into the datacenter of the future.
  • Thursday, October 20 | 09.00 – 10.30 – The New IT
    Carl Eschenbach, Co-President, Customer Operations, VMware

    Paul Maritz, President and CEO, VMware

    Join VMware CEO Paul Maritz for an inside look at the forces shaping Cloud Computing and the next generation of IT. With more virtual machines deployed globally than physical — and with that gap only widening with time — the implications across the entirety of the IT stack run deep. See the latest in the world’s most advanced cloud infrastructure technologies and get real-world perspective from the CIOs of some of the globe’s largest and most respected brands. The Cloud Era is here, it is real, and VMware is helping companies around the world accelerate their journey forward.

Official site:

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The VMworld TV is a video channel (on Youtube), similar to the VMware TV, where is possible see interview to some well-know people (but also “normal” people) or watch some reports or opinions on the days or the sessions at the VMworld. Is another form of communication that fit well and complement the other for for social media.

One interesting news of this year is the introduction of the VMware Community TV, that is a video channel (this time with livestream), that John Troyer gives to be used from the communities, VMUG, vExpert, … or just who ask to him (and of course has some interesting thing to share)… also in native languages.

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The VMworld Europe 2011 will start today at Bella Center (at Copenhagen, like last year). For the VMware Partners it was already started yesterday.

In this days, probably I will not post on my blog, to be focused on the event. Of course I will tweet, so you can follow me on twitter (). About Twitter remember also that:

  • Main conference Twitter account to follow: @vmworld
  • Main conference hashtag to use in all your tweets: #vmworld
  • Other hashtags: #vTweetup, #vmworld3word
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I would like to add some more notes  to my previous list for who will attend at VMworld Europe at Copenhagen:

  • Sessions: unlike other people I’ve chose to do not publish sessions that I attend and to not promote any particular sessions. It’s too subjective the choice, and what I can like does not mean that must like also to other people… Also I think that who attend at VMworld is smart enough to choose his sessions :)
    But remember to share your option on each sessions (note that, for Twitter, there is a specific hashtag for each session).
  • vBeers: see this post… and of course check on
  • Eat at VMworld: for people with special dietary requirements (submitted during registration) there is a specific area: Pre Ordered and Special Diets Catering Point (number 11) in Hall E.
    PS: but in most cases (for example for vegetarians and vegan) you can simple read the recipients and choose what to want (the lunch are served as self-service)….
  • Eat in the city: Copenhagen is quite expensive, but you can find some good place where eat with a medium budget. IMHO the downtown area near the city hall could be good.
    There are also some kiosks that seem good and have also warm food.
  • Transport: it’s confirmed that, as the last year, there is a free pass for local transport, included in the VMworld pass.
    The subway maybe is limited (only two lines), but is good enough to connect the Bella Center (there is a station with this name), with the airport and also with the downtown.
    Another option is use the train called ‘S-tog’ that connect the Bella Center (the station is more far than the subway station, but can be reach by a shot walk) with the central station.
    PS: there is also a free bus (only on Sun and and Mon) to connect from the airport to the Bella Center, just outside the airport.
  • Currency: there is a local currency, but credit cards are accepted in most places… and sometime also Euro currency (I don’t know if kiosk accept also US Dollars).
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Some days ago I’ve receive this email, that seems to be a spam:

The verified version of VMWARE Users list is releasing on October 19th, 2011.
Would you like to have a copy of the same at a low investment?
You would get information such as Contact Name, Company Name, Title, Phone & Fax, Mailing Address and Business Email Address.
We are providing it to only 5 customers on a first come first serve basis. So hurry and grab a copy of the same.

The sender domain does not have a web page, there is no mention on how the data are collected and which is the relation with VMware (note also the wrong capitals in the email).

IMHO I suggest to manage it as a spam message.

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The VCP5 Blueprint with study notes, in both italian and english version, are completed and now a PDF version is available for the download:

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