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The VCP5 Blueprint with study notes has been updated with new links. Also the PDF version has been updated: VCP5 blueprint with study notes – Engish version

The VCP5 Blueprint with study notes, in both italian and english version, are completed and now a PDF version is available for the download: VCP5 study notes – Versione italiana VCP5 study notes – English version

Some hours ago I have received an e-mail from VMware Technical Certification Team to my VCP5 certification in my official transcript: The VMware education transcripts will now include your VMware technical certifications. Your online transcripts will reflect your VMware Certified Professional on vSphere 5 status as soon as you: –  Confirm your shipping address –  Consent to transcript release –  Accept the VMware Certification Agreement With this, all certifications are now correctly listed in the transcript… and I can take a breack… until next new certifications :) Some welcome kits are still missing (also my […]

Recently, has been released the VCP5 blueprint 1.2 that cover the official exam (note that the v1.4 was related to the beta exam). The new blueprint does not include changes on the objectives, and is the as the 1.1 version (just a little changes in the graphics).

Finally, after a lot of weeks of waiting, is arrived (at 22.25) the results of the VCP5 beta exam: Congratulations!  You have passed the new VMware Certified Professional on vSphere 5 (VCP5) certification exam. Thank you for your participation in the beta exam.  Your input and participation were invaluable to this process. We will be adding this certification to your transcript within the next three weeks.  You will receive an email notification with additional instructions once your education transcript has been updated.  Physical certificates will be sent after your shipping address has been confirmed.  Please […]

Official news are still missing,  but something is moving for the new exam VCAP5-DCA. There are works in progress for the blueprint (whit also the feedback from a restricted survery that will close on Jul, 26). Seems confirmed that the exam will be 100% lab based. So could be possible that VCAP5-DCA certification will be announce during the VMworld USA at the end of august. Maybe in the same period will start the beta? What I quite sure is that the beta cannot run before… most VUE testing centers are closed in August.

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