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The available VCDX defense dates (and locations) are been recently announced on a thread in the VMware Community. Some were already well know (during the PEX event). The interesting aspect is that is still possible reach the VCDX4(-DV) certification for the entire 2013 (big change on what was announced one year ago and really a good opportunity for VCDX candidates): Candidates at all 2013 VCDX Defenses will be offered the opportunity to submit and defend vSphere4 and vSphere5-based designs in pursuit of the VCDX4 credential. Candidates may also choose to submit and defend vSphere5-based designs […]

On the VMware Certification Portal the new VCDX certifications are now listed, according with the new roadmap and the new paths announced during the last VMworld US. Those are the official pages: VCDX5-DV (mainly the same as the old VCDX5 page) VCDX5-Cloud (on private cloud, actually mainly on vCloud Director) VCDX5-DT (on End User Computing, actually mainly on View environment)

With the results of the last VCDX defense (during VMworld EU), we have finally reach more than 100 VCDX (actually VCDX-DV) worldwide. The VCDX directory seems already updated with recent people. So, congrats to @chriswahl, @jpiscaer,  @fojta,  @baecke, @SimonLong_  and all new VCDX!

Some hours ago I have received an e-mail from VMware Technical Certification Team to my VCDX5-DV certification (DV is the datacenter virtualization path) in my official transcript:: Your online transcripts will reflect your VMware Certified Design Expert 5 – Datacenter Virtualization status as soon as you: –  Confirm your shipping address –  Consent to transcript release –  Accept the VMware Certification Agreement Note that finally the VCDX5-DV path has been published (and also the upgrade path has been confirmed). Seems that VMworld Barcelona will be the last opportunity to defend a VCDX version 4, from […]

The VMworld defense sessions (both at San Francisco and Barcelona) may be not  the last VCDX4 defense opportunities (as written in this previous post). As written in a recent post in the VMTN VCDX Community, there is a pre-registration for a possible VCDX4 and VCDX5 Defense event in Tokyo following the Tokyo vForum in November. The proposed dates are November 8-9, 2012. To pre-register and show your interest in pursuing a VCDX credential at this proposed event just complete the survey.  If there will be a sufficient demand probably this session will be confirmed. Note […]

From an initiative of Gregg Robertson, this is a short interview. The original page is at: VCDX Spotlight- Andrea Mauro How did you get into using VMware? As most people I’ve started of course with VMware Workstation and honestly not with the ESX 1.0 (I remember that was not possible, at least in my Country) to have an evaluation or trial version. My first virtualization project (for academic purposes) was building a virtual honeynet with Linux UML (it was the end of 2001). My first virtualization project based for a production system virtualization solution was […]

On the VMware Community (in the Training & Certification area) has recently been confirmed that there are new VCDX4 defenses (for the original post see: VCDX Defenses at VMworld San Francisco and Barcelona 2012). So the Toronto defence will not be the last opportunity for VCDX4 certification (as written in a previous post) and is a good news for people involved in this kind of certification that require several time. Also I consider a good choice to permit the VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) defenses at VMworld San Francisco and VMworld Barcelona. The travel expenses […]

Although is not yet on the official certification page, there was a post in the VMware Community with the official path for VCDX5 upgrade: VMware Certification Announces Upgrade Path from VCDX4 to VCDX5. Current VCDX4 holders in good standing will be able to upgrade their certification to VCDX5 by successfully passing the VMware Certified Advanced Professional 5- Datacenter Design (VDCD510) exam. The VCAP5-DCD exam release date will be announced in May. Release of the VCAP5-DCD final exam blueprint will occur at that time. VCDX4-holders in good standing who have completed the VCAP5-DCD Beta Exam and […]

Seems confirmed that Toronto (Ontario, Canada) VCDX defense will be the last for the VCDX4. It is schedule in the week of May 7 through 11, 2012, but the registration has closed some weeks ago (as usual to give the right time to analyse the applications). Previously, by popular demand, the VCDX program has added another opportunities to attempt VCDX4 (as written also in the post “New (and last?) VCDX defense opportunity“). But now, seems confirmed, on the VMware Community, that the next defense after Toronto will be a new type of VCDX (strange but […]

Some days ago there was a case of one guy that was using VCDX certification (and several other certifications) without having it (or at least without demonstrate it). One of the biggest problem in certification credibility is avoid fraud. Of course some could gain the certification with cheats and other form of frauds, but for some kind of certification (like the VCDX one) this is not possible: who gain it usually deserve it. Actually there is a transcript tool for VMware certifications (and also for some accreditation) but it’s not public. You have your transcript […]

Pubblicato su IT Certification Master. I’ve already describe my journey (see last link on but maybe I’ve not yet describe how this certification has change my life. Basically because my professional life is not change at all, but this was a my choice. After the certification I’ve received several interesting proposal, but I like my jobs and I’ve choose (for this period) to remain in the “same boat”. Anyway the VCDX experience was a really great challenge and an important grow (not for my career, as described before, but for my professional skill and knowledge). […]

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