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Reading Time: 2 minutes Although the official confirmation has not yet arrived via email (same behaviour of last year or two years ago), it seems that (also) this year I was confirmed as a vExpert. The list has published on the VMTN blog site: vExpert 2014 Announcement. Past years the first list wasn’t 100% complete, so maybe also this time other people could be added before the official confirmation.

Reading Time: 6 minutes The primary motivations for becoming vExpert certainly should not be related to any possible benefits of the program. And once confirmed (for me is the fourth year in a row) you have to think more about what you can give rather to what is to be expected. But I’d be a hypocrite to deny that there are also practical advantages in being a vExpert! Officially, VMware according with the FAQ say that the biggest benefit of the award is the public recognition as a VMware vExpert Award winner. But benefits also include:

Reading Time: 2 minutes Although the official confirmation has yet arrived via email, it seems that (also) this year I was confirmed as a vExpert. Or at least they appear on the list published on the site: vExpert 2013 awardees announced. Funny that it happened exactly like the previous year… list first and then the official confirmation (we will also see if there will be some additions in the list).

Reading Time: 1 minute Finally I also have received the vExpert 2011 gift and certificates for the 2010 and 2011 period. Thanks again to VMware for recognizing me as a vExpert for 2010 and 2011 and thanks go out to Alex Maier and John Troyer for making sure we got some really nice stuff. And, of course, thanks also for the vExpert 2012 nomination!

Reading Time: 2 minutes Although the official confirmation has yet arrived via email, it seems that (also) this year I was confirmed as a vExpert. Or at least they appear on the list published on the site: Announcing vExpert 2012 title holders. Considering the changes in the vExpert program and that I’ve tried the “Evangelist” path (probably the most “wanted” or at least desired… and where there are some really great evangelists) I be enormously honored by this confirmation. It ‘s been less than a year since the last vExpert 2011, but I seems that were only few days.

Reading Time: 3 minutes Some days ago there was a case of one guy that was using VCDX certification (and several other certifications) without having it (or at least without demonstrate it). One of the biggest problem in certification credibility is avoid fraud. Of course some could gain the certification with cheats and other form of frauds, but for some kind of certification (like the VCDX one) this is not possible: who gain it usually deserve it. Actually there is a transcript tool for VMware certifications (and also for some accreditation) but it’s not public. You have your transcript […]

Reading Time: 1 minute For the vExpert 2012 program there are some big changes, starting from the new paths: Evangelist Path: The Evangelist Path includes book authors, bloggers, tool builders, public speakers, and other IT professionals who share their knowledge and passion with others with the leverage of a personal public platform to reach many people. Employees of VMware can also apply via the Evangelist pathway. Customer Path: The Customer Path is for internal evangelists and community leaders from VMware customer organizations. They have contributed to success stories, customer references, or public interviews and talks, or were active community contributors, such […]

Reading Time: 1 minute  VMware placed a very nice and large sign at the VMware Partner Exchange event showing the names of all vExperts 2011 working for a VMware partner. I wasn’t there (at the PEX event) but a guy has posted, in the VMware Community, the picture of the poster.

Reading Time: 2 minutes On the VMTN Blog (the official blog of the VMware Community) today there is my “vExpert Spotlight”: How did you get into IT in  the first place? I’ve started (a lot of years ago) with a Commodore 64, but only with my first experience on a PC (with MS-DOS) I understand that this passion would also be my possible work area. During University, I also played with Linux distributions and this gave me a better understanding of Operating Systems and networking. Things are really change. Now start in IT is simpler and cheaper (I remember […]

Reading Time: 1 minute The list of the vExpert 2011 is now available on line. But note that this list could not cover all the vExpert people  (the list is not automatic but each vExpert must add his entry) and, of course, do not include the vExpert 2009 and 2010. The vExpert Directory web page: My entry:

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