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On VKernel there are several interesting white papers about the design of a virtual infrastructure, with the latest one related to vCPU sizing.

  • vCPU Sizing Considerations
    vExpert David Davis and VKernel Product Marketing Manager Alex Rosemblat have written a white paper for virtualization administrators to gain a deeper understanding of vCPU sizing.  By reading this whitepaper, VM administrators will learn how to correctly size VMs, an approach to sizing new VMs that need to be deployed, how to institute a regular CPU sizing process for the data center and much more.
  • VM Memory (vRAM) Sizing Considerations
    Balancing VM memory sizing to both maximize data center ROI and virtual machine performance can be a difficult task. With the guidance from this white paper, virtualization administrators will gain a deeper understanding of VMware’s memory over-commitment capabilities and which VMware system metrics to analyze to make VM memory sizing less painful.
  • 9 Storage Considerations for VM Administrators
    What a VM administrator needs to know to avoid VM performance problems caused by insufficient VMware storage capacity and plan for environment growth.