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Uila Application-aware Infrastructure Performance Management is an end-to-end solution available as a public cloud service or also as an on-prem solution. The overall architecture is similar to other SaaS monitor and anlysis solution  but with some interesting difference: first the possibility to have and on-prem infrastructure, second the ability to monitor not only infrastructure related countes (like from vCenter) but also applications related counters, third the UI and its capabilities.

Starting from this year, opvizor has two main products: opvizor Health analyzer (the historical SaaS product) and now also opvizor Snapwatcher. Snapwatcher is a free product to help VMware administrators detect broken snapshots lurking in their virtual environments. The product has start as a free beta on Feb 25th 2015 and was created to address the broken or invalid snapshots issues in VMware virtual environments. The problem with these snapshots are that a single snapshot’s Delta-file is able to grow to the same size of the original file. And does not only mean a space […]

The opvizor® software is a monitoring tools (one of the first to be cloud-based) for a VMware virtual systems that works smoothly and securely and automatically tests your VMware base line as well as your system configurations, and security settings against state of the art rules and best practices. Now the main product has been renamed in opvizor VMware Health Analyzer (actually is at the 2.76 release version) and it’s available in two different main editions:

During the first European Tech Field Day Extra (at VMworld EU in Barcelona) we have met again VMTurbo. The presentation was pretty similar to the one at the past Virtualization Field Day 3 in Palo Alto earlier in 2014 (see this post). The core founding team started VMTurbo in 2009 (the initial company was called SMARTS but was soon acquired by EMC), realizing that the rapid growth of virtualization in the datacenter was redefining the management requirements for companies of all sizes. The VMTurbo platform first launched in August 2010 and since that time more […]

VMware vCenter Log Insight is a VMware analytics  product introduced one year ago. Part of VMware vCenter family, Log Insight delivers automated log management through log analytics, aggregation, and search, extending VMware’s leadership in analytics to log data. Now VMware is announcing the new version 2.0 of this product with new interesting features.

After the upgrade of Veeam Backup & Replication, now it’s the turn of the monitorin program with the new update Veeam One 7.0 R2. Details and the patch file are provided in this KB and after upgrading, your build will be version As the R2 update of the backup product, new environment are now supported: VMware vSphere 5.5 and vCloud Director 5.5 Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V and free Hyper-V Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1 as guest virtual machines (VMs), System Center 2012 R2 Virtual Machine Manager (VMM), […]

The opvizor® software is a monitoring tools (cloud-based) for a virtual systems that works smoothly and securely and automatically tests your VMware base line as well as your system configurations, and security settings against state of the art rules and best practices. On 17 July they have announce the next major version 2.0 with a lots of new features:

My briefing with APTARE, during the last Powering the cloud event, was with Nigel Houghton (Regional director of sales EMEA). APTARE is the leading independent provider of enterprise data center optimization software that helps companies maximize their storage environment, reduce TCO (total cost of ownership) and ensure that their critical data is protected. The company has a long history because was founded in 1993 by a team of enlightened computer software engineers that focused on designing and delivering transactional database systems that were massively scalable in two dimensions: capacity and performance.

Veeam ONE is an integrated monitoring and reporting tool for virtual enviroment based on VMware vSphere and/or Microsoft Hyper-V. Also a free edition is available. In this video, Doug Hazelman, Vice President of Product Strategy at Veeam Software, talks about the new Veeam ONE v6: For more information: Veeam ONE Free Edition Veeam ONE: Free vs Full

In previous post we have described the installation of opvizor agent. After this step a configuration is needed in order to start the data collection. Configuration could be started after the installation phase or simple by open the browser on the local server web (and by choosing the Configure opvizor Agent Settings): Basically you need to specify the opvizor data (platform server is included your user account credential. Also you can configure the email and proxy settings: Then you have to specify the vCenter Server configuration and credentials: Finally you can review the data […]

In the previous post I’ve introduced what is Opvizor, the architecture and the possible benefit of it. Now let’s see the install procedure. First you have to register to the main site, then you can download the latest version of the agent (that is just the data collector). Actually is a Windows service… I’ve asked why not a virtual appliance, but this is just a simple service and the VA options was too big (and not so required) compared to the single .EXE file. Installation is quite simple: just run the Windows Installer and step […]

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