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Reading Time: 2 minutes Quickwit is an unparalleled cost-efficient log search engine designed to solve scaling issues in actual log search solutions. Those issues are mainly originated by the exponential grow of all data, including log datasets: in a data-driven world, terabyte datasets are the new standard. And large tech and cybersecurity companies already need to manage petabytes of logs.

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Reading Time: 4 minutes Leil Storage is modern storage designed for backup and archival data. Leil is an Estonian company with the headquarter in Tallin. With their solution, they are trying hard to revitalize, redo, and right many wrongs around the concept of backup and archival storage.

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Reading Time: 2 minutes FUJIFILM Object Archive enables the interaction of the rapidly growing amount of data with tape storage systems, creating a sustainable and an air-gapped secure data archiving strategy.  FUJIFILM Object Archive software is a data management software that can also perform storage system management made specifically for long-term data preservation and data protection. It addresses the increasing needs for a sustainable storage tier for infrequently accessed cold data residing on flash or disk-based storage plaƞorms and reduces overall storage costs.

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Reading Time: 2 minutes FUJIFILM Kangaroo is a customisable turn-key ready solution with all components pre-installed and all in one location: your premises. Everything you need to archive your (cold) data for the long-term. It includes all the hardware, software and tapes, pre-installed in a single custom box, or “naked” to be installed in your existing rack.

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Reading Time: 3 minutes Know & Decide has been created end of 2015 in Luxembourg. It employs 17 people, including 7 developers, and will achieve a turnover of €2 million in 2024. They provide one of the most comprehensive IT Asset Management (ITAM) solution to tackle current and coming IT challenges.

Reading Time: 3 minutes On April 16th, CTERA announced the enhancement of its award-winning ransomware protection engine, CTERA Ransom Protect, with active protection against data exfiltration using honeypot decoy techniques. CTERA Ransom Protect is an AI-powered cyber defense engine integrated into the CTERA global file system, providing zero-day protection against widespread ransomware attacks.

Reading Time: 2 minutes CTERA Vault is a Read Many (WORM) protection technology that protects against risks related to data tampering. In simple terms, CTERA Vault allows data to be written to a storage system once and then prevents any modifications and/or deletions. Think of it as a security vault for your data that is immune to ransomware, accidental deletions, and unwanted changes.

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